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5 Apps Like Instagram


Facebook acquired Instagram, which has become the headline news in the Internet industry. However, not every one loves Facebook. The privacy policy of Facebook has already made many people shrink back at the sight. And the invasion of Facebook may erode Instagram's own unique community culture. So for Instagram fans, the arrival of Facebook may cause them to leave. Then are there any apps like Instagram, but no Facebook? Then answer is definitely YES!

apps like instagram

Here we carefully selected 5 apps like Instagram, which have comprehensive privacy policy to photos, and allow you to create individual Facebook account so you will have more controls on your photos.

Instagram Alternative - Hipster

Just as its name, Hipster can provide some filters and a photo-sharing social network for iOS and Android users. The unique place of Hispter is that it can offer you with postcard publishing service. You can pick some of your photos, add some special borders and texts, then print to post card, finally.

Apps Like Instagram - Pixlr-o-matic

Pixlr-o-matic is a must-have app for filter fans. It is compatible for both Android and iOS platforms. This Instagram alternative provides a lot of filter effects, light effects, borders, etc. Compared with Instagram, Pixlr-o-matic's effects always endeavor to do still better. The only defect is that it has no its own social platform, so users can only share photos to Facebook.


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Instagram Alternative - Lightbox

Lightbox gives you more freedom to take photos, since you can freely select those installed apps for taking photos. Like Instagram, Lightbox also has 18 filter effects. You can share these photos to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare. Furthermore, photos can also be uploaded directly to Lightbox server, and you can view them on the Internet webpage. Compared with other photo-sharing tools, Lightbox's privacy policy is more comprehensive. The only defect is that Lightbox is just the Instagram app for Android users, currently.

Apps Like Instagram - PicPlz

For Android users, PicPiz is Instagram's first choice to log into Google Play. PicPiz also provides a lot of photo filters, and also creates a larger photo-sharing community. With Aviary's photo editing tools, PicPiz allows you to add texts to photos, eliminate red eye or stain. PicPiz also allows you to upload photos from DropBox. Available for both iOS and Android.

Instagram Alternative - Retro Camera

Retro Camera, which is an Instagram alternative ap for iOS and Android, brings you some photo effects like antique cameras. It provides 5 old-camera modes, including Pinhole camera, Artificial Polaroid, Xolaroid 2000, and so on. Photos taken by this app are in mini-postcard style. You can share them through Facebook, Twitter and emails. On Android phone and iPhone, you can use Gallery or Camera Rool respectively to upload to specific community.

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