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Capture YouTube Sound, Capturing Audio from YouTube

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How to Capture Audio from YouTube in Windows/Mac?


YouTube has a wealth of audio and video entertainment, and sometimes you just want to enjoy its content without always having to go online to get it. What's the best way to capture audio from YouTube on Windows/Mac ? Well, with the help of Streaming Audio Recorder / Audio Recorder for Mac, capturing audio from YouTube is much easier.

This Streaming Audio Recorder software can help you to record music from YouTube, Pandora, Napster, Rhapsody, etc. The intelligent design makes the software have the ability to recognize song info including artist, album cover & name.

Free download this Streaming Audio Recorder to computer firstly.

Before capturing audio from YouTube on Windows/Mac, you must make sure:

1) Be connected to the Internet;
2) Have a web browse open;
3) Access an audio/video stream.

Guides of Capturing Audio from YouTube in Windows/Mac

STEP1: install Streaming Audio Recorder for Windows/Mac

After downloading Streaming Audio Recorder software, double click the setup program to install: 1) Accept the license agreement. 2) Select the drive folder where you want to install the program. 3) Click the Install button.

Once the installation progress finished, you will see the software icon on the desktop. Double click it to launch the program.

STEP2: Start capturing

Once you have found the stream YouTube video or audio, click the record button without leaving the page, using the Streaming Audio Recorder remote control widget, hiding on the right side of the screen.

After you click record, this Streaming Audio Recorder is on standby and will automatically begin capturing audio from YouTube as soon as you click play in the browser.

capture youtube sound


In the process of recording, you don't need to worry about leaving the stream page, because this will not affect your recording in any way. You can freely open and surf on other tabs or windows, or even open a new browser.

STEP3: Finish capturing

Once the recording done, find the remote control widget hiding on the right side of your screen. If the record button has become a stop button, click it, then a message appears at the bottom right of the screen, which confirms that the recording is successfully done.

Thanks to the friendly design, the process to capture audio from YouTube becomes very simple. Want to capture YouTube sound? So don't hesitate, go ahead to free download the excellent tool right way!

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