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Transfer Books to iPad mini/The new iPad

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How to Read Books on iPad mini?


convert and read ebooks on ipad miniReading books on iPad mini or the new iPad could be an ideal way for passing time in the daily life. There are many ways you can get books for reading, such as downloading books on iPad directly via iPad book apps, or visit some free book sites to download thousands of eBooks for enjoying on iPad mini and so on. In this article, we will be not focus on how to get or download eBooks for iPad mini, but we will pay more attention to transfer books to iPad mini.

Transferring books to iPad mini for reading, the first thing you have to consider is whether the eBook format is compatible with iPad mini book apps. If they are compatible, then you can import books to iPad mini via iTunes directly. Otherwise, you may need to convert eBooks to iPad mini supported eBook format before syncing them to iTunes. So this article will be divided into two parts. The first part will introduce the detailed steps to sync books to iPad mini via iTunes while the second part will teach you how to convert books to iPad mini accordingly.

Part 1. How to Transfer Books to iPad mini via iTunes

Part 2. How to Convert Books to iPad mini Compatible Format

Part 1. How to Transfer Books to iPad mini via iTunes

If you're sure that the books you have is compatible with your iPad mini book apps, then you can import them to iPad mini via iTunes directly. The detailed steps has been listed below:

Step 1. Launch iTunes and directly drag and drop the books you want to read into the "Books" playlist. All imported books will be displayed in the right panel accordingly.

load and sync books to ipad mini

Step 2. Connect your iPad or iPad mini to computer, then sync books to iPad mini by clicking "File -> Update iPad" in the top menu. If you only want to sync a specific book to your iPad mini or iPad, just right-clcik the book and sync it directly.

Step 3. Now, you can disconnect your iPad mini to PC, and read books on iPad mini with your own book apps anytime anywhere as you like.

Part 2. How to Convert eBooks to iPad mini Supported Format

Sometimes you may received lots of eBooks from your friends which has lots of different formats, or you may downloaded many Text books or MOBI books from the Interent, then how to read these text, MOBI, Word, etc. books on iPad mini freely? Obviously, the easiest and quickest way is to convert these books to iPad mini supported book format. Then everything will be OK.

To achieve this goal, iStonsoft ePub Converter could be your best assistant in your digital reading life. With it, you can export all your PDF, MOBI, Text, HTML and Word book files to ePub format for reading on iPad mini easily. What's more, the operation of this converting tools is also very simple. Only 3 steps can finish all your file conversion problem: Import - Customize - Convert. After the conversion, you can follow the steps we mentiond above to sync books to iPad mini via iTunes, and then read books on iPad mini while you are on the go!

convert pdf/mobi books to ipad mini

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