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How to Convert ePub to PDB for Free

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Convert ePub to PDB Free

If you have an ePub book that you want to read on your Palm Pilot, to convert ePub to PDB format is a perfect choice for your device. Then how to convert ePub to PDB free? Don't worry, in this article, I will tell you a free and easy way for converting ePub to PDB - That's using online ePub to PDB converter.

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How to Convert ePub to PDB for Free?

This free online PDB ebook converter lets you convert ebooks, text files and other document formats to the Palm PDB ebook format. You can either upload a file or specify a URL where our online ebook converter can download the ebook you want to convert to PDB.

convert epub to pdb

Here is how to convert ePub to PDB online step by step:

Step 1: Upload your document you want to convert to PDB. Or enter URL of the file you want to convert to PDB (e.g.

Step 2: Optional settings. Change ebook title, Change ebook author, Add border (in cm), Change input encoding, etc.

Step 3: After all settings done, click "Convert file" to convert ePub to PDB free. Once the conversion finished, a pop up window will help you save the converted file. Or you can also enter your email address to receive the converted file.

After converting ePub to PDB, you now have the following options:
1. Convert another file to PDB
2.Download the converted ebook file again or in case the download did not start automatically.
3. Delete your file now from the server. For your convenience you normally can download your file up to 10 times within 24 hours.
4. Send the download link to an email address.
5. Are you satisfied with the conversion? Send the online converter your comment.
6. Consider a donation.

Sounds easy? Just 3 steps, this online ePub to PDB converter can help you convert from ePub to PDB at ease. Good luck!

More about PDB...

PDB is a container format for record databases in Palm OS, Garnet OS and Access Linux Platform. Its structure is similar to PRC resource databases. The PalmDOC eBook format is a special version of the PDB format. A PDB file contains a PDB header, PDB record headers and records.

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