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iStonsoft GIF Maker

iStonsoft GIF Maker

Top-notch GIF Creator Software for Windows Users

Have you wondered that you can create your own animated GIF images one day? Unbelievable? Now, iStonsoft GIF Maker can help you achieve your goal. With it, you can create or make your own GIF animation and edit the created GIF images freely.

  • Create GIF images from most popular image formats, including JPG/JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, etc.;
  • Add, delete or duplicate frames in 3 different ways;
  • Preview optimized GIF images frame by frame and adjust the optimization options according to your own needs.

Supported OS:

"Your program is the best one that I have used. It makes the complex GIF image creating process become as easy as 1-2-3. I only need to load pictures and arrange the order, then everything will be OK!"

- Reviewed by Jessica

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"Before I using it, I think the operation of this kinds program will be too complex to handle. But the fact prove that I'm totally wrong. It really worth to own if you need to make GIF animation in the daily life." - Sasa

"I have used your tool to create an animation banner for my own website. All in all, it is an amazing tool, but if it is can provide more editing effects than the present version, then it will be perfection." - Leo

Why Need It?
No one will deny the fact that a GIF image always looks more attractive than other graphic formats. So sometimes for some specific purposes, you may need to create animated banners, buttons, userpics, GIF images for your website, presentation, e-mail, etc. then you’ll need the help of a professional GIF Animation software. This is also why iStonsoft GIF Maker is here to meet your demands. This tool can assist you in quickly and easily create your own GIF images from all kinds of graphic formats on your personal computer.

Create Personalized GIF Images from Most Popular Image Formats

There are just so many popular images available on the web, but only GIF format supports animation. So if you saved lots of images in JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc. on your computer, why don’t you try to create an animated GIF picture? To reach it, you need to use the help of the new updated GIF Creator software.

3 different ways to import images in various formats like JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, etc. into the program for creating.

Produce high quality and impact GIF images from these imported images which takes less disk space.

All operation can be done with 3 steps: Import – Customize – Create.

Flexible Options for Your Reference

The latest study shows that almost all file converting or creating users is not an expert one. So when we’re looking for a proper third-party tool on the web, almost all of us wish to find a tool which has the most user-friendly yet intuitive interface and never requires professional technical skills, so that we can handle the tool once they get it. Now, your wish can come true, you can get the iStonsoft GIF Animation to experience the easiest way to create your own GIF pictures.

Add, delete or duplicate frams and adjust orders according to your own needs.

Customize the output GIF images through resize canvas, resize animation or set other effects like define the loop times, edit delay for selected frams and so on.

Preview GIF Pictures or Animations At Any Time

Preview optimized GIF pictures frame by frame and adjust the optimization options if needed.

Change image positions by directly dragging and dropping any picture to your desired position.

After loading pictures, you can select the concerned proportion of an image, and then edit, cut, copy, crop or clear the selection based on your own needs.

Other Features You Should Know

Besides the prominent functions we mentioned above, there are some other features you may also interested in:

You’re allowed to set transparency color to all your loaded images at a batch or partially.

Shortcut keys are supported in this program. For instance, if you want to save all settings in the new created GIF picture, you can click File Save to save it, or use the Ctrl+S shortcut key directly.

Standalone program, no require of any other additional third-party program while you’re using it. And no require of any technical skills for every people.

Compatible with all Windows operating system.


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