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Google Maps vs Apple Maps


In the newly released iOS 6, Apple starts to use their own map service instead of the former Google Maps. In the comparison between Google Maps and Apple Maps, which is better? More and more people ask this question on popular forms, Facebook, Twitter, etc. These 2 map services have many similar features, as well as some differences. Following is a brief comparison.


Navigation - Google Wins

Apple Maps provides turn-by-turn navigation, real-time traffic updates, etc. However, Apple forgets a feature which is welcomed by city users - Bus transfer query.

Currently, this function hasn't been built into Apple Maps, maybe this is because most cities manage bus information relying on Goolge's data format GTFS. Although this data is open, free, used by almost all bus apps, Apple may refuse to use Google's map data after giving up Google Maps in the new iOS 6.

Siri Support - Apple Wins

Apple Maps integrated with Siri Voice Assistant, for providing users with various information, including the nearest gas station, traffic time left, etc.

With Siri integrated, Apple Maps provide many functions of traditional GPS. According to photos from Engadget, TomTom data appears in Apple Maps.

Local Search - Apple Wins

Both Google Maps and Apple Maps support inquiring the merchants nearby.

The only difference is, Apple Maps is built in Yelp information, so users can view the ranks of a specific restaurant, and read the related comments before making the decision of where to eat or choosing which restaurant.

3D support - Apple Wins

Both Google and Apple supply the Overlook function in Maps, helping users to get the full view of an area. Google called this function as Tour Guide, while Apple 3D Flyover. Compared, Apple's service is much better and can run more fluently. Apple uses real-time rendering so Apple Maps can display better 3D effects.

In the past 3 years, Apple has acquired 3 map company, 2 of which focused on 3D map service. This means undoubtedly Apple will release a more powerful 3D map product in the future.

After reading the side-by-side comparison between Apple Maps and Google Maps, I think you definitely know who is the winner. Apple Maps is much more friendly, humanized than Google Maps. So if you have an iOS device, why not upgrade your device to iOS 6 to experience the new maps?

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