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Extract Data from iPhone Backup on Windows to Restore iPhone

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Extract Files from iPhone Backup on Windows


As you know, once connected iPhone to a computer with iTunes installed, an auto backup of your iPhone will be generated by the iTunes when you sync iPhone with it. Even the backup archive auto generated by the iTunes can't be viewed, it may be helpful for you to restore your iPhone sometimes when you failed your iPhone upgrade, jailbreak or encountered with other unpredicted disasters.

extract files from iphone backupAs a matter of fact, you can directly restore iPhone with the latest iTunes backup archive via iTunes. Through this way, you can get back all the files contained in the generated iTunes file to your iPhone. However, this method is less recommended when you have files saved on iPhone currently since it will erase all your current data. So, once you want to restore your iPhone with current iPhone files remained, then you may need a third-party program for helping to extract files from iPhone backup file for the restoration.

If you are looking for a proper program to get iPhone restore data from backup, why not try the professional iPad/iPod/iPhone Data Recovery? With this program, you can get data from your previous iPhone backup file selectively according to your needs to restore your iPhone 5/4S/4 or any other version. Now, here you can follow the steps below to give a try to the detail operations of this software for free!

download for windows download for mac

Note: For Mac users who want to recover lost iPhone photos, videos, call records or any other files from previous iTunes backup file, you'd better get the iPad/iPod/iPhone Data Recovery for Mac to let it do you a favor.

Tips: The Windows version iPhone data recovery software also provides you the ability to recover files from iPhone directly. You can rightly learn the details from the tutorial how to recover lost data from iOS devices.

How to Extract Data from iPhone Backup on Windows for iPhone Data Recovery

First things first: To extract files from iPhone backup archive previously generated by iTunes, please note don't sync your iPhone with iTunes when you found your files lost, to prevent the backup from updating.

Step 1. Choose Right Recovery Mode

Once launch the data recovery software, you will be led to the "Recover from iOS Devices" mode (the default mode). Here, you should instantly switch to " Recover from iTunes Backup File" by one simple click to see all the iTunes backup files of your iOS devices have ever synced with iTunes on the computer. Select the iPhone backup file you want to extract files from and click "Start Scan" to extract files from iPhone backup.

scan to extract data from iphone backup on windows

Step 2. Preview and Recover Files

Once the program finished the scan, you will see all the files backed up by iTunes displayed in front of you according to file types. You can preview them one by one and selectively mark the files you want to restore to your iPhone before you click the "Recover" button at the bottom to get data from iPhone backup file.

select to recover iphone restore data from backup

That's all! No matter you want to recover deleted photos, videos, contacts, messages, calendar and notes selectively or completely to your iPhone from the previous iTunes backup file, you can easily achieve your goal with this program with no hassles. So, why don't give a try to extract files from iPhone backup for iPhone recovery with this handy data recovery software right now? You'll not regret it forever!

download for windows download for mac

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