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Two Ways to Sync Android Phone Contacts to iPhone

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Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone


transfer android contacts to iphoneI'm sure the biggest headache for people who have upgrade the Android phone to an iPhone is how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. Type them one by one? Oh, no. Would you believe in this kind of fantasy? It is possible when there is a few of phone numbers on your old phone. What if hundreds of even thousands of contacts on your Android phone? Obviously, there must be some easy ways to get the job done.

If you are wondering how to get done this case, please read this article. Here we will introduce two ways how to import contacts from Android Phone to iPhone. One is free and the other is the simplest and practical way. You may choose the most suitable way as the assistant.

Two Ways to Sync Android Phone Contacts to iPhone

Method 1. How to Transfer Contacts from Android Device to iPhone Free

Here we use free way - Google Contact to sync Android contacts to your new iPhone. Here is the detailed tutorial.

Step 1. Open your Android phone and go to "Contact" app. Turn to menu to choose "Import/Export". Then all contacts of your Android phone will be exported to a file named "00001.vcf" in the root folder of your microSD card.

Step 2. Use USB cable to plug your Android device to computer and choose the "Mass Storage" mode. Go to the root folder of your microSD card to find the "00001.vcf" file. Copy and paste it to your PC.

Step 3. Go to to sign in your Google account. Sign in your Google Contacts in It is very easy. Then choose the contact import tool under "More".

sync icloud contacts to android phone

Step 4. Sign in your Google account with your iPhone. You need to enter the right account name and password in your Google account.

Step 5. Set up syncing Google Contacts with iOS device. You may be prompted as to what you would like to do with existing data on your iPhone. You may choose "Keep On My iPhone" or "Delete".

Method 2. Use Professional Android Contacts to iPhone Transfer

MobileTrans software is the leading program which created for people to transfer data between Android device and iOS device. There is no problem for you to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. It is also very easy to use.

Step 1. Free download and install this software to your Windows computer.

download for windows

Step 2. Connect your iPhone and Android with computer directly. Then your two devices will be detected and showed on the interface of the software. If you find two phones are one wrong position, you may click the "Flip" to change places of the two phones.

move andriod contacts to iphone

Step 3. In the middle panel of the software, you can see several options. Here we need to choose "Contact". If you want to move other files, you may mark other files as well. Then click the green button "Start Copy". This software will copy contacts from Android device to iPhone at once.

start transferring contacts from android to iphone

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