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Free Apps for Android Tablet: Kindle Fire and Galaxy Tab


According to the latest figures, Amazon’s Kindle Fire holds more than half of the share in Android-based tablets consumer market depending on its economical and affordable price yet offering many of the same features as its competitors for users. Kindle Fire, top spot of the Android tablet market share with 54.4%. Samsung Galaxy tab is at the second spot with 15.4%.

Well, no matter what you owned is Samsung Galaxy Tab, Amazon's Kindle Fire or other Android tablet, you'll have the need to look for some great practical apps. Here we've elaborately selected some of the best yet free apps you can download for the Android tablets.

Social Media App - Feedly

feedly appFeedly –another choice instead of Flipboard! It provides an instant and fashionable way for you to read the contents from your favorite websites and share them with your friends. All the news in Feedly is edited from a vast variety of online sources such as Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other services and social platforms. It was first released in 2008 and has had mostly affirmative reviews by now. Feedly, always adhere to its slogan: feed your mind anytime and anywhere.

Culture App - BBC News

bbc news appBBC News is one of the departments of British Broadcasting Corporation, which mainly responsible for collecting and broadcasting the latest news and current events. Now, the official BBC News App is available to Android-based tablets. It means you can get the latest and hottest news about politics, economy, science, technology, life, entertainment, art, sports, and etc. from the BBC and journalists from global network in tablet devices now.

Games App - Angry Birds

angry birds appWell, I guess you must be familiar with this game. Angry Birds, famous around the world, even the related news emerge in endlessly. Some say unearthing cultural relics exactly is the angry birds; some say an “angry birds theme” park will be set up. We can see how popular it is. Why global people like such brain-numbing game? Perhaps they are eager to vent their anguish or just simply want to keep the nature of childhood.

Tools App - Catch

catch appCatch is a completely free and multi-function notepad application. With it, your great ideas, discoveries and sudden inspiration can be automatically synchronized to Cloud through your tablet device. It can capture photos, take notes, keep track of your voice memos, show your geographical location and attach reminders. Organize and classify tags, collect and save your notes into personal, private collectors. If you want, you can always share your collections and captures with your dear friends.

Science App - Google Sky Map

google sky map appGoogle Sky Map changes your tablet into a screen of the night sky. Just imagine all the beautiful stars twinkling in the palm of your hands. It’s just awesome but simply fun to use. Maybe you could never make out constellations before but this app will make it obvious. For those who are not familiar with the observation of the heavens but interested in astronomy, this app is definitely for them. It can not only be a fun app, but also an educational tool. Even it can stimulate people to have a growing interest in observing the heavens.

Note: All the above apps can be free installed from Google Play. You can visit this page and search for these great apps.

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