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Android Contacts Manager


Mobile devices have become lifelines for connecting to family, friends, business associates, and clients. And with the increasing number of your contacts list on your phone, you need to know the best ways to manage this information. We all know that mobile phones in nowadays can roughly divided into three main types: Apple's iPhone (iOS system), multi-brand Android phones and others. So in this article, we could like to pay more attention to these cell phones which is running on Android system.

No one will deny the importance of contacts information on their Android cell phone, and these contacts always start to swell and become messy in the daily life. Thus, more and more people want to find a more effective way to manage these contacts like phone number, email address, company address, etc. on their desktop computer directly. In addition, with the popularity of smart phones, losing data from the device also become more and more common, especially contacts and SMS messages. So find a tool to backup your Android contacts is also very important to protect your personal data... Perhaps there are also many other reasons that lead to manage the Android contacts on PC, but here we don't want to list them one by one. We could like to pay more attention to the solution for your needs.

Absolutely, here you need a third-party app to help you. Maybe you've tried some Address books app on the phone, but it only allows you to manage contacts list on your phone, right? Today, a easy to use yet professional Android Contacts Manager are strongly recommended here for your reference - iStonsoft Android File Manager and Android Manager for Mac. With it, you can easily export all your contacts from any kinds of Android mobile phone to PC as CSV format with zero losing, then you can open the file, view or edit the information as you like.

Below is the main features of this powerful program
- Add, delete or modify the detailed contacts information on the computer by connecting your phone to computer;
- View or edit your contacts list without connecting by exporting and saving Android contacts as CSV format;
- Import or share your Android contacts to other devices easily.

download windows version download mac version

Steps to Manage, View Android Contacts on Computer/PC

Set up Your Android Phone

To begin with, install and run the program on your PC. Follow the connection wizard to connect Android phone to your PC via a USB cable. This program will automatically detect your device and require you to enable USB debugging for recognizing. Follow the instructions and then your Android phone shows up in the primary window.

Add/Delete/Edit Contacts on Android Phone

1) Add Contacts - Click "New" button to add a new contact to your HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony, etc. mobile phone easily.
2) Delete Contacts - Choose the contacts you want to remove and click "Delete" button.
3) Edit Contacts - Select the contacts you want to edit and hit "Modify" button to edit the information in the contacts information window.

Export Android Contacts

If you want to backup your own contacts list, you can hit "Backup" button to save these contacts as CSV format on your computer quickly.

download windows version download mac version

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