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Cell Phone Eraser - Erase Personal Data from Cell Phone


If you're getting rid of your current phone, erase all the data on your cellphone before you recycle it to make sure no one gets hold of your personal information. Even though the chances of someone access to your personal information is very low, but you still need to clear all the possibilities to get your privacy data by strangers. We all know that smartphones have become the most popular mobile phones and the traditional cell phone have slowly fade out of people's view, so in this article, we could like to pay more attention on how to erase data and contents on smart mobile phones easily.

Nowadays, we can divided smartphones into three different categories according to its running operation: Android, iOS and Windows phone. This kinds of mobile phones enables users to reset their device to the factory default setting with its built-in function icons. And almost all smart phone users have used this function to wipe data and think that their personal information is security now. If you also agree with this point, then you're totally wrong. Even though the reset function will erase your cell phone data, but it is only outwardly. You can't find any data on your old phone, but it doesn't means others can not do that also. There is some special tools like Android Data Recovery, iPhone Data Recovery, etc. existing on the market and aims to help users to find all their lost, deleted data from devices. Thus, you know erasing data from cell phones are not as easy as you imagine, you have to ask help from a professional third-party program.

In this page, we could like to take the Android phones as an example. If you're an iOS user, you can go to here to learn how to wipe everything off your iPhone. Cell Phone Data Eraser software is a practical app, which is dedicated to help all Android users to clear all data and contents on their mobile phones in just one click. And ensure that all data erased by this tool will never restored by any kinds of recovery tool.

Below is the highlights of this Mobile Phone Eraser Software

- Wipe all personal information on Android cell phone completely and permanently, such as contacts, passwords, credit card information, photographs, emails or anything else.
- Erase data and leave zero opportunity to restore.
- Offer different erasing levels to satisfy different needs.
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Note: The Cell Phone Data Eraser software will be coming soon.

Steps: How to Perform Cell Phone Eraser Software Easily?

Preparation: Backup your Android phones data on computer with Android File Backup software for further use.

Below is the main interface of the program:

The operation of this software is really simple. You only need to connect your mobile phones to PC and launch the program. When the device is checked by the software, you can specify the erasing mode and click "Erase All Data" to wipe EVERYTHING off your mobile phones in just one click.

Now, you've erased all data which stored on the internal memory card of your mobile phones. Referring to the external SD card data, you can insert the card into computer and format it directly. And then importing lots of unnecessary data into the card to overwrite the erased data completely.

Write in the end:

If you still using a traditional mobile phone or you're planning to erase all personal data from your old phone, which is not belong to Android phone, but also belong to iOS mobile phone, you can use Windows Optimizer software to wipe everything from it.

Below is the detailed steps of erasing data from traditional mobile phones:

- Connect your cell phone to PC and launch the program. Go to "Privacy & Security" menu and choose "File Shredder" on the left, which can help you erase your cell phone data, as well as sensitive information stored on your disk or USB drive.
- Click "Add Files" to select the file you want to erase on your mobile phones. And click "Shred" to erase all the cell phone files and folders in the list.

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