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Erase Data on Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4 without Restoring


In recent years, Samsung has become one of the most popular smart phones on the market and it is also the top 1 seller on the Android phones market. As a mainstream model, Samsung Galaxy series is warmly welcomed by all kinds of crowd once it is released. And now Samsung have constantly launched the upgraded version, called Galaxy S3, S4. Then you are a proud owner of the Galaxy S4 and you want to start over from scratch for your old smartphone when you resell it or give it to your family as a gift. Of course, you don't want other people to have your precious and private data, so it is necessary to figure out how to permanently erase all data from Samsung Galaxy series.

Just like all other mobile phones, Samsung Galaxy S2/3/4 also enables users to restore their device to factory default settings. But do you really ensure that the data on your device have been wiped permanently? Yes, you can't see any data on your Galaxy S4/3/2 after doing the restore, but it doesn't mean that other can't, either. Why? In order to leave a chance to people who may accidentally format their device, so the data is only password protected by the device instead. It would be a piece of cake to access the deleted data on your Samsung phones when there is a forensics toolkit for the Galaxy at hand, such as Data Recovery for Android. Of course, most people will not do this, but no one can 100% guarantee that the people you don't know will never do this.

Therefore, for the sake of your personal information, it is really essential for you to permanently erase all data and contents on Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and S4. If you're interested in this topic, just keep reading this page in details.

How to Wipe Everything Off Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and S4 Permanently?

Since restoring is not reliable, you can turn to a professional erasing software. This kinds of software have always been tested for hundreds of times before releasing, so the performance always stable. And it can provide all their users with the super fast speed and perfect erasing results. All data erased by this kinds of program will never be restored by any third-party recovery tool.

Now, you need to look for a program just like we mentioned above. If you have no idea about the data eraser software, my recommendation is the Android Data Eraser software. With the help of this tool, you can easily and quickly wipe everything like contacts, messages, account info, password, etc. from Samsung Galaxy on computer or Mac.

Tips: Samsung Data Eraser is coming soon, please wait for a moment, thanks!

Let's check the main interface of the Samsung Data Eraser software:

From the main interface, all operations can be seen clearly. All data on your Samsung have been divided into different types, you can select these types if you need to erase it. After deciding which data should be erased, you can click the big "Erase All Data" button to begin and finish the process.

One thing should be attention: Backup all Samsung Galaxy contents on your computer before erasing it. So that you can reuse the file in the future.

Write in the end:

If you don't want to spend any money to purchase a third-party program, then you also can write new data as much as you can on your Samsung Galaxy again, to overwrite the deleted data after return it to the factory setting. But we can't ensure that your personal data will be 100% overwritten by this new data. And this method is also time-consuming, so we highly recommend you to try this Samsung Data Eraser software.

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