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Android Data Eraser - Wipe Android Phone Before Selling


More and more news report highlighted the sheer amount of data that is now routinely stored on our smartphones and how little heed some of us pay to what happens to our personal information. So that you always leak out your own privacy like contacts, text messages, account info, etc. to public unconsciously. Obviously, this action have a large potential danger, especially when your personal information is known by criminals.

Why You Need to Wipe All Data on Android Phone Before Selling?

Maybe you've ever heard lots of news about the incorrect erasing data like "Motorola accidentally shipped out 100 refurbished Xoom tablets without properly wiping the previous owners' information" and so on, so it is worth a reminder of what you need to do when selling, returning or otherwise disposing of an Android device, including phones and tablets. It is undeniable that with the popularity of Android or other smartphones, people have enjoyed more and more pleasures and convenient that they never imagine before, but on other side, it also improve the dangers of leaking out personal information. Thus, in the high speed digital society, you need to learn how to manage and protect your personal privacy from stealing by unauthorized persons.

To protect your personal information, one of the most important thing is to wipe all data on Android phone before selling, returning to factory or disposing of your phone with zero opportunity for restoring. Many Android users is tending to return their device to factory setting to achieve the goal of erasing Android phone data, but actually, if you want, you can find back these deleted or formatted data from your device with a recovery tool like Android Data Recovery, etc. Therefore, in order to 100% ensure the data is erased permanently, you have to ask help from a third-party program: Android data wipe app. With it, you'll never worry about the deleted data can be restored by any other program.

Key Features of the Best Android Data Eraser

- Easily erase all data and contents from your Android phones and tablets, including text messages, contacts, call history, accounts info, password and other data stored on the devices.
- Supports almost all Android phones, such as Samsung, HTC, Motorala, LG, and so on.
- You can erase data on Android phone selectively or in a batch.
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Tips: iStonsoft Android Data Eraser will be coming soon.

Guide: How to Perform Android Data Eraser Software?

A good third-party program will provide users with the simplest operation steps and fastest speed, so does this Android Eraser software. No matter whether you're using the similar products before, you can handle this tool as easy as 1-2-3. Before we start the progress, you may need to use the Android File Manager to backup data on computer.

Below is the detailed steps of wiping Android phones. You only need to follow the instructions.

Step 1. Run the Program and Connect Your Device to PC

Install and launch the program on your computer. Then using the USB cable to connect your Samsung, HTC or other Android phones to computer. When the device is checked by the program, you'll see a interface just like this:

Step 2. Erase All Data

The default setting of the program is to erase all contents on your device, here you can click the box besides the data type to save this kind of file on your phone. Otherwise, you can directly click "Erase All Data" on the main interface to finish the process.

This is also important too - Don't forget to your microSD card. Data on it, including pictures and videos, as well as some application data, generally isn't erased with third-party program or format factory setting. So for this kinds of data, you can connect the card to computer and format it directly. If you're really paranoid, use one of those overwriting formatting programs. Or at the very least, just take it out of the device you're getting rid of.

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