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Can We Recover Lost Files of Mac OS X Mountain Lion?


I'm sure many people have troubled by this problem. As Apple released the new version of Mac operating system, many Apple fans cannot waite to upgrade the Mactonish to the latest system to get a superior user experience. Since not all of us are experts, many problems maybe come out due to improper operation. Losing data store on hard disk of your Mac computer is a common problem. If you are unlucky to come across this problem, please calm down yourself. Spend a little while to read this article which will tell you how to restore lost data of Mac OS X Mountain Lion. No matter your OS X Mountain Lion data lost due to crashed machine, virus attack, formatting, accidental deleting, unexpected power failure or other unknown reasons, you can get all your lost files back completely and easily.

We know that all data of Mac computer is stored on the hard disk. After the data is deleted or formatted, we cannot find it anymore. In fact, it is still in your hard disk but to be marked as replaceable data which can be overwritten easily by new data you add to the hard disk. Thus, when you find your Mac OS X Mountain Lion data is not accessible, please not put new files to your computer. The more you add to the hard disk, the less chance we can recover the Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Then, we just need to get a professional Mac OS X Mountain Lion Recovery to do the process for us. Mac Data Recovery is just such a great application. All your lost data can be found back.

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Tutorial: How to Retrieve Lost Data from Trashed Mac OS X Mountain Lion?

Step 1. After you finished the installation of the software, just run it. You will see five mode for you to recover lost data on Mac. As the descriptions, you can get thorough your recovering personally. For a novice, we advise you to choose the "All".

run software to restore mac os x mountain lion

Step 2. Chose the disk of your Mac and let the software to scan it for you by pressing "Scan".

Step 3. Choose lost data you most wanted and hit "Recover" to restore all of them completely.

start to recover lost files of mac os x mountain lion

This software can do more than that. It can easily Recover MacBook Data, Recover iMovie Archives, Project, Event, Movies, Recover Word Document on Mac, Powerful USB Data Recovery for Mac and more.

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