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5 Solutions to Remove PDF Watermark


removing watermarks from pdf documentsCommercial PDF files are often attached with logo, signature, banner, stamp or link in form of standard Adobe watermarks, and frequently these watermarks are added with either some texts or a background image so as to restrain from copying and help users to identify the source of printed document, or determine whether a document has been altered or not. However, when there's a need to remove or replace a watermark on a PDF document, you may have a headache. Actually, it is a thorny problem to remove PDF watermark. If you really want to do it, there're some solutions recommended.

Please note, if the PDF documents are password protected, you have to crack the files with PDF Password Remover beforehand and then try the PDF watermark removers as follow to get rid of the watermarks from PDF.

Solution 1: Adobe Acrobat

Download a free trial copy of Adobe Acrobat and install it on your computer. Open the PDF documents in the application and then choose "Remove Watermark" and re-save the document. Non-watermarked PDF documents will be created. The trail version of Adobe Acrobat comes as long as 30 days.

Solution 2: Google Docs

Google Docs (and now well-known Google Drive) can be a freeware to manage PDF. You can convert the PDF files to Microsoft Word format. Open the converted Word docs with Google Docs/Zoho Writer or locally installed Microsoft Word, and the text watermark will be displayed on the overlapping layer for manually deleting. Save the docs as PDF again (also you can use Word to PDF Converter to accomplish this)! No watermark then attached on the new PDF docs.

Solution 3: Convert PDF to Image

If you have to print only a handful of PDF documents, you can convert PDF to Image with Zamzar, iStonsoft PDF to Image Converteror any screen capture programs. Open them in Adobe Photoshop and select watermarks with the Magic Wand tool. Click "Delete" to remove it. Often, this method is time-consuming and not really worth doing.

Solution 4: Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is not PDF watermark removal software but a vector graphics editor developed by Adobe Systems. One of the differences between Photoshop and Illustrator is the latter can export PDF. You can open the watermarked PDF docs in Adobe Illustrator, select the watermark object, delete, resave as PDF.

Solution 5: Foxit PDF Editor

You can use the 3rd-party Foxit PDF Editor to delete all kinds of watermarks. Firstly choose the watermark and then click "Image Editing" to remove watermarks and resave the results. You might as well use the PDF watermark remover to handle your PDF files and read smoothly without watermark obstruction.

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