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Converting Image to PDF Free

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How to Convert Image to PDF for Free?

convert image to pdfAs everyone knows, the Internet is a place where everything is about being visual and eye-catching. Digital images are everywhere you look on the Internet-from web pages and e-communities to technological research and e-publishing. The format stores images on your hard drive in lesser bytes than when it is displayed compressing JPEG files to one tenth of the original file size.

Yet, the format's compression capabilities are a negative. Using a high compression scheme produces a low quality image and conversely, low compression will produce a high quality image, consequently, the higher the quality, the larger the file size.

PDFs eliminate the disadvantages of a using an image file, making it easier for repurposing the function of your digital images. Thus, depending on your uses of an image, it could be in your best interest to convert Image to PDF. How? Following are the detailed solutions.

Convert Images to PDF Free with Print Function

Things you need: image file, Adobe Acrobat

Step 1: Open the image file you would like to convert to PDF using Adobe Acrobat or an image viewer.

Step 2: Select "print" from the "file" menu. Choose either "Adobe Acrobat Printer" or "print to PDF" from the options.

Step 3: Select the file size or image resolution options that suit your needs.

Step 4: Save the file in the directory of your choice.

iStonsoft Image to PDF Converter

With iStonsoft Image to PDF Converter, you can convert image files like JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF format to Adobe PDF format. Merge multiple image files into a single PDF document. Define particular destination path for PDF documents. Standalone program. No Adobe Acrobat Reader required.

free download

Convert Image to PDF with

Zamzar offers a simple file conversion services to its visitors. Users can upload files from their computer or take files from a URL. The convert to options are very diverse, including PNG, BMP, JPG, TGA, TIFF, PCX, EPS and more for images as well as CSV, DOC, DOCX, HTML, PPT, XML and many more for documents.

Zamzar also supports audio and video file types, including WMV, 3GP, MP4 and WAV along with ebook and other file types. The user only has to supply the file, convert to type and an email address. The application sends the converted file to the address provided by the user. Users can also download videos and send files. Those who sign up can access an inbox to organize and manage all of their files. Registered users can also convert larger file sizes and receive priority conversion time.

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