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How to Convert PDF to RTF for Free

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How to Convert PDF to RTF for Free?

convert pdf to rtf freePDF to RTF conversion is a common task if you often need to edit PDF files. You cannot modify them directly, because PDF is a final presentation format and doesn't allow editing. That's why a conversion to other format, such as RTF is needed. The conversion can be performed with the PDF Converter Ultimate. This is a powerful PDF to RTF converter, which can also convert PDF to TXT, Word, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PCX, TGA, TIFF format.

Moreover, if you wanna convert PDF to RTF online, the Method 2 can help you. But we recommend you using Method 1. Because online methods are not safe, your PDF files may be visible for others. If you have PDF files which don't want others to read, you have to install PDF to RTF converter which can protect your privacy. You may ask: Your recommended PDF to RTF converter is totally free? I wanna PDF to RTF freeware. Dear readers, not all free software is good. Freeware may contain malware, adware, virus, and other unsure stuff inside. The professional PDF to RTF converter is free to download, for further using it, you have to buy the full version.

Method 1: Convert PDF to RTF Step by Step

Download and install PDF to RTF converter to your PC. Then follow the steps below for converting PDF to RTF easily.

download pdf to rtf converter

Step 1: Run PDF Converter Ultimate. Then click "Add File" to load PDF file(s). Choose RTF as your output format.

pdf to rtf conversion software

Step 2: Select your needed Page Range settings. And choose your output folder destination.

Step 3: Click "Convert" button to convert PDF to RTF free.

NOTE: For Mac users, please use PDF Converter for Mac.

Method 2: Convert PDF to RTF Online

Here are several online conversions services: is intent on bringing order to your file system by offering you a one stop solution for all your file conversion needs. With the online PDF converter, you can convert PDF to RTF format within several steps. is 100% free online conversion tool. The interface is clear and simple; the process runs flawlessly; the conversion result correctly reflects the original document. is a a multi-format online conversion tool. Manages PDF to RTF conversion as well with no problems at all. is a great file converter online. You can convert music, videos, photos, eBooks, documents, and other stuff to your needed formats.

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