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Ultimate Solution to Convert Scanned PDF to ePub Format?

No one can resist the wonderful reading experience on e-Readers and portable devices. If you have many scanned PDF eBooks or documents on your computer and want to read them on e-Readers, converting scanned PDF to the most popular ePub format is absolutely the best choice. Then you may ask why and how to convert scanned PDF to ePub. Here we pick up a wonderful 6-in-1 app - PDF Converter Pro to answer your question.

Why do We Need to Convert Scanned PDF documents to ePub?

Since scanned PDFs are only the images of paper documents, they can’t be edited or copied as native ones. PDF files can be read on e-Readers. However, to be frank, the performance is not ideal. During the process of reading, you have to zoom in or zoom out to adjust the PDF with the screen. It is quite troublesome.

In order to change the situation, you’d better transform scanned PDF to a more popular e-book format according to your device. ePub format is welcomed by its adjustable format and fonts. Here in this article, we talk about the method to use scanned PDF to ePub converter to transform scanned PDF to ePub for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Sony Reader and Nook.

How to Transform Scanned PDF to the Format of ePub?

PDF Converter Pro is an ultimate PDF Converter which is able to convert PDF documents to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ePub, Text and HTML. It is professionally engaged in converting scanned PDF to ePub with the new feature of supporting of OCR. The following guide shows you how to finish the conversion by using the PDF Converter Pro for free. Let's set out to do the job.

Firstly, download and install the PDF Converter Pro on your computer.

download scanned pdf to epub covnerterfree download for mac

Run it and you can find OCR sliding button on the right by default. If it is not here, you need to move it to the right manually.

convert scanned pdf to epub

Secondly, upload the scanned PDF documents to the software and then choose ePub as the output format.

Thirdly, click the button of "Options" to choose the correct target file's language and settings for ePub format.

Lastly, after all settings are done, click the "Convert" button to start the conversion from scanned PDF to ePub format.

Total process might take a few minutes because of the OCR function. You can see the progress bar in the "Status" column.

Learning Tips: Scanned PDF & Native PDF

Scanned PDFs, just as its name implies, are PDFs that are made up of scanned images from given documents. For scanned PDFs, users are usually incapable of searching across the text because the PDFs are actually a collection of photographs.

Native PDFs, on the other hand, are PDFs of the digital documents. That is to say, the PDFs are created from the documents of electronic version, Microsoft Word documents, for example.

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