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Adding Text to PDF Free

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How to Add Text to PDF?

Whenever users are in need to opt for a reliable media to transit their information online, PDF format is a popular choice. PDF files are a great way for anyone with a PDF reading program to view files from software applications they might not have. At times, you may have a need to add text to PDF. However, the identity of PDF file is that it cannot be modified easily, though this is helpful to maintain the data integrity.

Then how to add text to PDF? In this article, you will know the solutions.

Tip: PDF to Text Converter can convert PDF to Text easily and free. If you wanna add text to password protected PDF files, you need PDF Password Remover.

Add Text to PDF: Acrobat 9

To add text to PDF, you can use the "Typewriter" tool in Acrobat 9. Open the PDF document to be added text to in Adobe Acrobat and click the “Tools” menu. Select “Typewriter” icon in the toolbar and you can click any areas on a PDF page and start typing for adding text to PDF document.

add text to pdf

Hit “Enter” if you want to move to the next line. While the problem is that you’re limited to your system’s default font type. You can change the font size, increase or decrease the line spacing, and style with the Properties toolbar. But there’s no way to change the typeface itself when add text to PDF file with common “Typewriter” tool in lack of source font. Thus, the text you type appear in printout won’t like the rest of text.

Pros: Available on both Windows and Mac.

Cons: The steps are complex to handle with.

Add Text to PDF: Free PDF Editor

Free PDF Editor( is freeware, i.e. it is free of any charge for personal and commercial use. If you have any questions and/or suggestions about this program, feel free to contact me, no matter whether you are already using Free PDF Editor or are just contemplating using it.

Steps: How to Add Text to PDF with Free PDF Editor?

The "Inert Text" is used to add text to PDF, click the toolbar button "Inert Text" (or select it from Main Menu), one input box will show in the document, you can drop it to any position, and resize it to any size, then you can type or paste text content in it. Program provide some useful text format tools, you can change the PDF text fonts, color, text size, text style.

add text to pdf

Pros: Freeware, Easy to Handle
Cons: Works only for Windows

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