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Converting ODT to PDF Free

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How to Convert ODT to PDF Free

Abstract: With the right tools, you can convert ODT files to the PDF format with minimal changes to the document's formatting and layout.

ODT files are standard document format for Open Office Writer, an open-source word processing program. PDF is more popular format used in people's daily life. Many people want to send ODT files to friends or family who have no Open Office Writer program installed to computer. In this article, I will show you how to convert ODT to PDF free with 2 methods.

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Convert ODT to PDF with Open Office Writer

Open Office Writer's Export function allows you to convert ODT to PDF. Following are the step-by-step instructions:

Step1. Open ODT files with Open Office Writer
Launch Open Office Writer, and open ODT file. Select "File" from the upper-left hand menu and click on "Export as PDF".

Step2. Adjust the options as necessary
In the "General" tab, you can set the ranges of pages to be converted and quality of the image compression. In the "Initial View" and "User Interface" tab, you can adjust how the created PDF will be viewed when first opened.

Step3. Start to export
Hit the "Export" button. Enter a file name for the PDF file and choose the location folder where you want to save the PDF file.

Online ODT to PDF Converters

There are many online conversion site which supports PDF conversion. However, a few of them can support converting ODT to PDF. Here, we list 2 sites which can convert ODT to PDF online. is a well-known site in the online conversion industry. It is famous for the ability of supporting multiple file formats, ranging from audio, video, documents, ebooks, images, CAD formats, etc. The site is totally free for converting. Their income mainly comes from the fees of ads and donations. is a site similar to, for converting files online. There are not many formats support as But converting ODT to PDF is supported.

Which way works for me?

If you have Open Office Writer installed to computer, the Method1 is recommended, because the output quality is almost the same as original ODT files. If you don't have Open Office Writer installed, you can use online site to convert ODT to PDF free, if your computer have the Internet access.

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