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3 Free Methods to Create Fillable PDF Forms

To make a fillable form, you can use MS Word and Excel. However, Word or Excel format is very likely to be altered. So many of us like to use a fillable PDF form because PDF format can not be changed easily. Then creating fillable PDF forms becomes a problem. In this article, I will share 3 methods to help you create fillable PDF forms on Windows or Mac platform.

Method#1: Using Microsoft Office Word or Excel

The first thing to do is to write the form. Usually, Microsoft Word or Excel are the best programs to use for this. When I mention Microsoft Office Word or Excel, you may be surprised and confused: Can Word or Excel create a fillable PDF form? In most people's eyes, MS Word is specially for processing words or documents. In fact, it can also be used to save files as PDF format. Microsoft Excel can also be used to save excel worksheet as PDF document.

To create fillable PDF forms with MS Excel, you can:
Step1) After making the fillable forms in Excel, click the "Office" button on the very top right and choose "Save as".
Step2) If you are using MS Office 2007 or above, you can find the option, PDF or XPS. Here you need to select "PDF" as the output format. Hit OK button to get your fillable PDF form.

Using MS Word, you can also create fillable PDF forms:
Step1) Open MS Word, navigate to the toolbar on the top, click "Insert" and choose "form" to fill in the Word document with your needed form.
Step2) After you finish editing the form, click the Office button, choose "Save as".
Step3) When it asks you to choose PDF or XPS, you need to select PDF. Then hit OK button to change MS Word to a fillable PDF form.

Method#2: Using Google Docs

Google Docs includes online documents, electronic forms and PowerPoint presentations. We can use all of its functions easily. It is totally free. Google Docs can recognize files in DOC, XLS, ODT, ODS, RTF, CSV, PPT, etc. The desktop-like style makes the editing become an easy thing. One thing most people may ignore is that Google Docs can also help you create a fillable PDF form.

If you have a Google account, you can follow the steps and use Google Docs to create a fillable PDF form:
Step1) Log in Google Docs. Click "Create new" button and choose "Form". Edit the opening file until you are satisfied with it. Please note, Google Docs offers you hundreds of free or public templates. You can find your needed template for forms here.
Step2) After editing, go to File > Download it as PDF format.

Method#3: Convert PDF files to editable forms (Only for Mac)

This method is workable for a paper PDF form. To use this way, you need the PDF Editor Pro for Mac's help. The software can recognize scanned PDF documents and convert them to editable PDF forms with OCR technology.
Step1) Turn a paper PDF form into electronic file form with a scanner.
Step2) Use PDF Editor Pro for Mac to change the electronic file into fillable PDF form by performing OCR.

Although Adobe Acrobat can also be used to edit PDF and save PDF into a fillable form, it is expensive. Acrobat for Mac is over $400, while PDF Editor Pro for Mac is only $100. Compared with Adobe Acrobat, PDF Editor Pro for Mac is much cheaper, and can also convert both native and scanned PDF into MS Word, Excel, ePub and so on. Sounds wonderful? So don't hesitate, free download it to have a try!

Free Download PDF Editor Pro for Mac
Buy PDF Editor Pro for Mac (Price: $99.95)

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