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How to Insert Images to a PDF?


3 tools to import pictures to pdfPDF is not an editable file format. Basically, it is used for printing and publishing. However, there's specialized software to edit PDF files, though the choices are much more limited and often expensive. When you are about to insert images to a PDF file and make it more beautiful, a useful tool is needed to handle this issue.

Tool 1: Adobe Acrobat

To add images to PDF, the Adobe Acrobat could be functional. As a family of application software, Adobe Acrobat is not a freeware, and it allows you to view, create, manipulate and mange PDF files conveniently. Certainly, it can be employed as a tool to help you import images to any part of your PDF. Although, it's a little complex, let's see the steps:

1. Open the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat. Go to "Tools > Comment and Markup" and then choose "Stamps > Create Custom Stamp".

2. Click on "Browse" and select your images. Make sure you've chosen the right image format in the drop-down menu of "Show".

Then locate the image on your computer and click "Select". After that, choose "OK".

3. Go to the "Category > My Stamps" and enter an easy-to-remember image name in the "Name" field. Then click "OK".

4. Click "Tools > Comment and Markup" and choose "Stamps". Navigate to "My Stamps", the new category you created and then select your image.

5. Your inserted images will lay over your PDF document. Move your mouse to the general area where you want locate your image. Now, your image is stamped onto your PDF files.

6. Click on the image and select it, you can freely re-size the image or drag it to different places till you are satisfied.


adobe acrobat for pdf image addition

Tool 2: PDF Editor

The highly integrated PDF Editor is an easy-to-use word processor-like application for you edit PDF files. As an ingenious PDF tool, you can turn your doc into editable text blocks and correct any typos or insert images in PDF effortlessly in a few clicks. All Windows users can make use of this PDF processor and handle their PDF files. To embed image to PDF, only 3 steps are required:

1. Run the software and import PDF file to the program by clicking "File >Open ".

2. Click "Edit > Images > Insert" to add the image you want to embed in the PDF.

3. After that, the picture will lay over the text block, you can freely resize & drag the image and text block to set layout and make the PDF doc the most comfortable as you like.


infix pdf editor to add pictures to pdf files

Free Download PDF Editor

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Tool 3: iText

iText is a free and open source library for manipulating PDF files in Java. Undoubtedly, you can use it as a tool to import images to PDF, if you know Java language. The application supports image formats like BMP, EPS, GIF, JPEG/JPG, PNG, TIFF and WMF. A lot of effects on images including scaling, rotating, masking, absolute positioning, borders, alignment, etc. can be added with codes. However, to those novices, the program is not advisable.

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