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Adobe PDF is a widely used file format in the daily life and work. So it is inevitable that people may meet lots of problems when they deal with all kinds of PDF files. So today, we have collected and picked up several the most frequently asked questions of Adobe PDF files for your reference. You can go through them and find solutions for the problem which you're frustrated now.

What is PDF File?

what is adobe pdfEven though you're not strange with Adobe PDF files, but do you know what is PDF exactly? Have you ever wondered that why PDF files can't be edited directly? So, it is necessary for us to have a general understanding of what is PDF firstly.

Adobe PDF is an electronic format to solve cross-platform browsing and reading. For example, you can convert any pictures. Word, Exel, PPT files to PDF format and then read the PDF on any systems instantly and freely. This file format has no system limitation, so no matter what system your computer is, you can read PDF files on them without any problems. Even though your computer hasn't installed the related Word, Excel or PPT application, but this does not affect the document typesetting in the PDF files. This point is one of the strengths of PDF.

In order to ensure that there is no change in the PDF content and the document size as smaller as possible, the PDF files have to use the method which is similar to "curing" to format the layout. So we can say that the PDF document is just edited to read rather than the reverse.

For this, you may have found that once PDF is created, then you can't edit, change and print it without the help of some professional tools.

How to Decrypt PDF Restrictions & Security?

Besides the stability and compatibility, high security could be another highlight of PDF files. PDF owners can set both User Password and Owner Password to protect their files. Due to this feature, many people like to upload and share some important files with their family or friends in PDF format.

It is no doubt that encrypt PDF is an ideal way to protect copyright, but sometimes things could be troublesome when you are forgetting your password. Under this situation, you need to remove password from PDF files for further editing. To achieve this goal, you can try iStonsoft PDF Password Remover and PDF Password Remover for Mac. With these tools, you can remove PDF user and owner password on Windows or Mac system without any restriction.

Why the Converted Word Files are Full of Images, no Text?

Sometimes you may download several PDF files from the Internet and convert them to Word format with online free PDF Converter tools. Then you open the exported Word files and find the file is consisted of several images, and you can't edit it at all.

Actually, the main reason for this situation is the PDF file is composed by pictures!

Generally speaking, Adobe PDF have 3 different types:
- Electronic Version. This file is commonly generated by Word documents or report papers. And it can be directly converted into editable text.
- Image Version. The PDF file of this type will be consisted of lots of images. It is widely used as scan PDF books. This PDF file can't be edited directly.
- Mix of Electronic and Image Version.

To deal with all kinds of PDF conversion problem, you can try PDF Converter software. With it, you can export Adobe PDF to 5 different file formats for editing, copying and sharing as you like.


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