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Posting PDF to Facebook

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How to Post PDF to Facebook?

Generally speaking, you can't directly upload PDF photos to Facebook because PDF photos can not be directly accepted by Facebook. Fortunately, Facebook can accept the image format such as JPG, PNG, BMP. So for posting PDF to Facebook, you have to change PDF into image format. Following are 2 methods to post PDF to Facebook.

Method-1 : Post PDF to Facebook by link

To change PDF to image, you can try to ask for a third party web server for help. Find a 3rd party web server to host your PDF pictures to their web server, then your PDF photos will be a link format, you can copy and paste the URL address to Faceshop post. Then your visitor will be able to view your PDF pictures when they click the .pdf extension URL in case that .pdf extension URL works.

The following steps to post PDF to Facebook by link are:

STEP 1 : Upload your PDF image to 3rd party web server

Here I recommend some good web servers such as FreePDFHosting, KeepandShare, Zoho Docs, Google Docs, etc. Upload your PDF picture to one of these sites, then you will get a URL address like

STEP 2 : Post URL to Facebook

Log into your Facebook account. Choose the area such as "News Feed" or "Wall" for posting your PDF picture URL. Under the text field, there is a Link icon, click it to enter the .pdf extension URL address. Then hit the "Attach" button.

STEP 3 : Share uploaded PDF with friends

After describing your PDF photos in the text field, you can click "Share" to post your description and your PDF files. Done!

Method-2 : Upload PDF to Facebook as image

To post PDF to Facebook, you can try to convert PDF to image format with PDF to Image Converter. iStonsoft PDF to Image Converter or PDF to Image Converter for Mac helps you to convert PDF to BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, etc. What you need do is to import, set output folder, then start conversion.

Free Download PDF to Image Converter for Windows
Free Download PDF to Image Converter for Mac OS X

After converting PDF to image format, you can upload the converted file to Facebook:

Log in to your Facebook account, go to your profile. Click Photos tab. Then hit the "Create a Photo Album" button to build a album to save your output image files. Then follow the on-screen directions to upload your photos to Facebook.

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