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Free Way to Save Word as CHM

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How to Convert Word to CHM?


CHM, the Microsoft Compiled HTML Help, is a Microsoft proprietary online help format. Due to its great features of containing HTML pages, an index and other navigation tools, this file is widely used to offer help document by many software companies. This file allows your computer to locate the document when you access the help section of a program.

In many cases that we need to create CHM files. But how to make the job done tends to be a tuff job. To help you get rid of CHM document easily, our editors have searched and picked up all possible solutions for our readers. We have told you how to convert CHM to EPUB, how to convert CHM to HTML, etc. Here we will focus on the topic of how to convert Word to CHM.

When we search Word to CHM converter software on the Internet, there are thousands of results. We pick up the freeware that can create CHM files based on Word document for free. We hope this article is helpful to you.

Freeware to Convert Word Doc to CHM

1. compressor

It is a great tool to generate a compiled help (CHM) and Java Help files from MS Word or HTML files. Created with super transcode technology, this software supports splitting the document on different topics pages by the "titles" sections so you can make the CHM files easy to access to specific chapter.

freeware to transfer word to chm

2. Word2CHM

Word2CHM is a open source for people to make CHM document from Microsoft Word document (in 2000/2003 format). Here you need to go through three steps to finish Word DOC to CHM conversion: convert Microsoft Word document to a Single HTML, split single HTML file into multiple HTML files and then compile multi HTML files to a single CHM file.

free converter to create chm from word

3. HelpSmith

It is a innovative software helping user generate CHM HTML Help files, Web Help, Printed Manuals, and PDF documents. This software will create tree-type table of contents and keyword index. You may easily open and edit the document as well. But the free trial version only accessible within 30 days. If you want to continue to use this application to convert Word to CHM, you have to pay $199 per license.

free software to convert miscrosoft word to chm


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