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How to Convert ePub to AZW for Free

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How to Convert ePub to AZW Free

Don't know how to convert from ePub to AZW format for reading on Kindle device? Searching for ePub to AZW converters here and there but no results? In fact, you don't need to install any ePub to AZW converters onto computer for converting ePub to AZW. Amazon provides a service to easily convert documents to Kindle's native .AZW format through e-mail. The service is free if the converted file is sent to your established Kindle e-mail address. The service costs ten cents per document if returned wirelessly via Whispernet.

convert epub to azwAmazon will convert and wirelessly deliver the following format types:
Microsoft Word (.DOC) and (.DOCX)
Structured HTML (.HTML) and (.HTM)
Rich Text Format (.RTF)
Images: JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP

Ouch! ePub is not included in the supported formats. Don't worry, you can convert ePub to DOC or convert ePub to PDF, or convert ePub to HTML, or convert ePub to image, then convert them to AZW with Amazon email service.

NOTE: You may wanna a direct way to convert ePub to AZW, but currently there are not such converters. If you really don't want to choose this way, you can also convert ePub to MOBI, which can also be read on Kindle.

Here are the steps for converting ePub to AZW step by step:

Part 1: Convert ePub to PDF

Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.

Download and install Calibre to your computer (Mac and Windows are both supported):

Run Calibre. Select your ePub files and drag-n-drop them onto Calibre. Choose PDF as the output format. Then convert ePub to PDF fast.

Part 2: Convert PDF to AZW

Firstly, Open a new email. Put (your-choice) into the address line for paid delivery to your Kindle, or put (your-choice) to have the files delivered to the primary email address associated with your Amazon account.

Then, Attach the PDF files(From Part 1) you want to convert to the email (25 max and 50MB each max).

Finally, Send email. Conversion typically takes anywhere from a few seconds to 5 minutes.


To convert ePub to Kindle, you don't have the only ePub to AZW choice. The ePub to AZW conversion is much more complex than ePub to MOBI.

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