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How Can We Edit EPUB on Mac?


People use EPUB files may often feel frustrated by the difficulty of editing EPUB files. PDF, as we all know, is very easy to create and share. But it is very hard to edit. Generally speaking, unlike PDF, there are few choices to EPUB reader to modify EPUB files, even though PDF ebooks are increasing dramatically these years. For this reason, this article gives the solution for user to edit EPUB on Mac OS X.

To edit EPUB files Mac, we have to ask help from professional editing software. If you have no idea what app you can get as assistant, you may try EPUB Editing Software for Mac. It is a real and innovative program which can help you edit EPUB files directly. You are allowed to change the metadata of ePub files including description, book credits, publisher’s name and so on. With this excellent software, you can customize the layout, color of the text, book cover and other view effect. If you like, you can insert any image to your EPUB files.

So cool, isn't it? You may free download the trial version to experience it.

Best Way for Editing EPUB Files on Mac

Below are a few short steps on help you edit EPUB on Mac. If you are a Windows user, you may download the EPUB Editor (Windows version).

After you have installed this nice EPUB Editor Mac, run it. Open your EPUB files with this editor. You can see three parts on the software: left and right parts are the index of your EPUB book through which you can locate specific contents of EPUB quickly; in the middle of the software you can see main contents of your EPUB file.

Edit Text of EPUB on Mac

Step 1. Please drag the EPUB file to specific part where you want to edit by drop-n-drop scroll bar on the right.

Step 2. Click the EPUB content, you will see a blinking cursor. You can modify the text of EPUB files. Or choose any character and go to top of this software to apply proper effects to checked letters, such as font size, font style, head,

Step 3. Please click "Save" to confirm all changes you apply to the EPUB files.

Edit Images in EPUB on Mac

This software allows you to modify images in EPUB files.

Step 1. Open your EPUB files with this application.

Step 2. Click the image icon on the toolbar. A popped-up windows enables you to browse and insert EPUB files to your document.

Change Book Cover, Publisher or Book Description of EPUB

Step 1. Please turn to book cover or the page which contains the publisher or book description.

Step 2. Then you may edit any contents of your EPUB book cover, publisher or book description. If you like, you may insert a new images and modify word of the book cover to generate a new cover for your EPUB book.

If you have interests in this nice application, you may free download it to have a try. I'm sure you will like it.

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