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How to Read DRM Protected ePub on iPad?


drm epubIf you have a mass of ePub books bought from Barnes & Noble's Store or Sony eBook Store or downloaded from other sites, they may be protected with DRM (digital rights management) and are unable to be played on iPad, how disappointing you might feel.

Actually it is very common, and you are not alone. DRM protection aims to prevent eBooks from being abused. You need to remove ePub DRM for iPad if you want to read DRM protected ePub files on iPad, then a professional DRM Removal tool is urgently needed. If you want to put DRM ePub to iPad fast and intact, ePub DRM Removal will be the best choice.

Why Choose ePub DRM Removal?

ePub DRM Removal is a simple one-click converter, which can quickly and easily remove DRM from your purchased or downloaded DRM protected ePub with no quality lost. After the conversion, it can automatically create a decrypted ePub file without any change to source files and also no need to backup the source files. With it, you can read ebook originally protected with DRM on iPad, NOOK, Sony Reader or other devices without restriction. It is very easy to use, just 1-click to decrypt ePub ebook and keep the same quality as source ePub files.

How to Remove ePub DRM for iPad?

Firstly, download ePub DRM Removal and install it on your computer. The clean and easy-to-use interface makes it easy for new comers.

screenshot of epub drm removal

Secondly, launch this program, select your DRMed ePub files that you want to decrypt and load them to the window of the program.

Lastly, after loading all the source ePub files, you can directly click the button of “Remove ePub DRM”, then this tool will convert DRM ePub to iPad right away with fast speed and high quality.

After DRM removal, open the iTunes, go to the destination folder, find the target DRM-free EPUB eBooks and sync them to iPad. Now you can read DRM ePub on iPad freely!

More about ePub ...

ePub, short of electronic publication, is a free and open eBook standard by the Internation Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). Files have the extension .epub. Now, ePub has become one of the most popular ebook formats. ePub files can be read on most eBook readers in the world, such as Apple iPad, Sony Reader, NOOK, Kobo eReader, Android devices, and so on. However, this powerful eBook format is incompatible with Kindle, you need to convert eBooks to Kindle friendly format if you want to read ePub on Kindle Fire.

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