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How to Edit EPUB Files like Word Process?


EPUB is a free and open ebook standard. This format is widely used as default compatible format of many devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. You must have find that there are a few assistant program to manage EPUB book files. In order to help you deal with EPUB files easily, this page tells you how to edit EPUB.

In order to help you find the most suitable way to settle down this problem, this page tells you two different solution: one is to use professional software and the other is to use freeware. Please read the following contents to find the most suitable one.

Two Ways for Editing EPUB Files

There are a few solution which can finish EPUB editing job. Here we will recommend you two ways to modify EPUB files. One is free and another is to use professional software. Please choose proper way according to your needs.

Method 1. Professional Way to Make EPUB Editing

There are still some professional programs make EPUB editing as easy as Word process. EPUB Editor is just such a great application. You are allowed to view, add, delete and modify EPUB metadata. It comes with ability to embed and adjust text & images, copy and paste text, modify descriptions, book credits, publisher’s name, type and identifier for your EPUB files.

How to Operate Professional EPUB Books

Step 1. Install Software and Load EPUB Files

Please free download this nice software to your computer to get ready. Then you need to prepare EPUB files you need to modify. Just press "Open Files" to browse and find your target EPUB files / folder. Or just drag target files to the interface of the software. Then you can see EPUB files.

Step 2. Perform Editing for EPUB Book

On the top of the software, there are various editing tools. You may click proper one to perform editing to the PDF. You are allowed to modify text, adjust images, define fonts, and more. For example, to edit your book catelogue, you only need to click "TOC" button, and then a pop-up window will appear for your reference. And you can click "Add Above", "Add Below" or "Delete" button to modify the catelogue as you like.

Step 3. Save EPUB Files

Once you are satisfied with the EPUB files, please click "Save" to confirm all you have done for EPUB files.

Method 2. Free Way to Edit EPUB Books

There is few free EPUB editing software and Sigil is such a application. This is free and open source which comes with basic editing functions. it support basic eBook view, code view and preview. You may easily change any character of the EPUB, customize fonts, insert images, and etc.

It not to hard to use this software, you just install this application from and then install it to your Windows computer. Drag your EPUB file in this program and you can edit EPUB freely.

But many people complained that this software slows down the whole computer. And it works not so properly. We cannot undo operations which means we cannot go back to original document if we make a mistake. To be honest, the first method is highly recommended here.

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