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Sigil Alternative for Mac/Windows: Edit EPUB Files


Sigil is the leading EPUB book editing tool which enables user to edit EPUB books like we do on Word document. Plus, it is the free and open source software so many Epub users prefer to use it as the helper to modify EPUB books. However, since it updates, many people complain that it crashes easily. And it is not easy to use as before. Thus, many people are looking for Sigil equivalent tool to editing EPUB files.

Fortunately, there are better and more friendly alternative out here One such Sigil alternative for Mac/Windows that we personally advocate is EPUB Editing Software for Mac / EPUB Editor. This software is the one you have been looking for to modify EPUB files on Mac/Windows computer. With this excellent application, you can edit EPUB files just as you do on Word process.

OK, let's see how this software works for us to modify EPUB files. Please free download proper version of this software to follow us. (Windows version is available and the Mac version )

Tutorial: How to Use Alternative to Sigil for Mac/Windows to Edit EPUB?

Step 1. Load EPUB Files in the Software

Once you have installed this application, there will be a quick-start icon on the desktop. Just click it to run this program. There are two ways to open your EPUB files with this software: click "Open File" option to browse and find your EPUB files; drag-n-drop the software to the quick-start icon on the desktop.

Step 2. Edit EPUB Files Freely

On the top the software, you will see various editing tools. Please choose proper functions to modify Epub files. With this excellent software, you can insert & correct text, add & adjust JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF images, embed or adjust fonts, optimize the layout, find & replace content. of the EPUB files.

Step 3. Save the Output Files

When you are satisfied with the EPUB, please click "Save" to save all changings you've made for the document.

As we can see, this software simplifies the whole process in to a few steps and all editing tool is available easily. After getting this stunning Sigil alternative for Mac/Windows, editing EPUB files becomes an easy thing.

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