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Top Funny Camera Apps for iOS

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Best iOS Camera Apps


Besides the original ones, the latest released iDevices are coming with camera supported. Once you have any iOS device that with one or two cameras, you are able to enjoy self-timer at anytime you like with it. Then, have you ever thought of shooting some funny photos instead of taking normal photos all the time with your new iPad or new iPhone? If yes, then you'd better not miss the funny camera apps for iOS to be recommended here. These small apps will help create and edit your photos on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch in a fun way.

By the way, if you want to share elegant photos shot with iOS device to other friends, you may use iPad to Computer Transfer / iPad to Mac Transfer to transfer photos from iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer.

Best iOS Camera Apps - TtV Camera Free

The words retro and art are seemingly always to be together. If you once like the vintage styles like a film or as a Polaroid, then TtV is probably a good choice for self-timer. The name of this free app is referred as the abbreviation of Through the Viewfinder. Just as the name suggests, this app works through a variety of cameras' viewfinders with the digital camera function combined to let you get instant old photo effect in the photographs. In this way, you can use modern digital cameras to shoot a very attractive retro photo.

The provided photos of the cameras' viewfinders in this free app are shot down through a special way with the original camera. So it can provide you with the most realistic feeling as well as you are record the scenery with a film camera. More than 15 old cameras' viewfinders and the instant brown to black-and-white photos effect switching made it is not a difficult thing to gain the retro art feeling of old photos in this free TtV iOS camera app.

Best iOS Camera Apps - NightCap

The recently updated NightCap is a specially designed device app for a night scene or low-light shooting. This software can improve the resolution of 15 times which support users with much better photo effects than the self-contained camera app in iPhone when capture night scenes. Then, why is this night shot expert software in such performance for shooting night scenes?

In fact, the behind principle of this software is that it combined the unique exposure techniques with the slow shutter so as to make the night shot more clearly without loss of detail. This app not only provides the unique exposure technique, but also provides exposure time values, shutter values, focusing and more setting functions for the user when photographs. This would let you shoot more freely just like a fish in water.

Best iOS Camera Apps - Silent Film Director

This is a shooting software which is dedicated in an old-fashioned cinematic effect. Via the help of this small app, users can shoot out a vintage micro film video clip with Chaplin style. It not only provides users with the photographic effect of the old-fashioned style, but also provides users with eight built-in music to choose from. Via the combination of music and old-fashioned photographic effect, this app will help you shoot out an extraordinary vintage micro film easily.

Or, if you want to make your photos stored on your Mac into a more fantastic showcase, then you can just get a proper Slideshow Builder to add them to an eye-catching presentation and burn it to a DVD for better storage.

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