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Best Starter Application for iPad 1/2/3/4/mini

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Apple New iPad Starter Kit


Not long ago we learned that Apple will convene a conference on March 7. If there is no accident, the new iPad will formally meet users by virtue of the new configuration. And there will be a new group of users to join the Apple camp. In fact, whether it is iPhone or iPad, it is not difficult to find that more and more software supported by it has been transformed into general program. In this regard, here we are with you to check the best iPad Starter Kit for new iPad in App Store which will let you better enjoy your iPad easily.

Best Applications for iPad Starter

1. Evernote

Good memory is never comparable with even the lousy written. This saying is still popular and has a certain power nowadays after circulated for a long time. Only the development of mobile devices almost "drowned" the traditional paper notepad. In AppStore, we also see every kind of notebook tools. It is the top priority for users to find a suitable notebook app. After comprehensive consideration, the Evernote is a more eye-catching, feature-rich one which can seckill the Reminder on iOS 5.

2. iPad to Mac Transfer / iPad to Computer Transfer

iPad to Mac Transfer / iPad to Computer Transfer is the needed application for you to sync iPad media files to computer for backup, including movies, photo, playlist, songs, camera roll, etc.

3. Find My iPhone

Looking at all the security applications, a remote location function is rightly essential. This app mentioned here is just such an app which enables you to find, track your lost iPad and protect your data by using another iOS device or computer with iCloud. The system will help you determine the location of the missing equipment on the map once you install this free application on another iOS device and login with your Apple ID. You can use it to display a message or audible, remote locking your device or remove the data on your losing device. For the new mobile phone or tablet, it is really necessary to turn on this feature.

4. Apple Store

Before purchasing Apple products, we first need to understand them. So how can we know the official dynamic first time? General point of view, ordinary consumers are not well informed to get the first messages. So most users are eager to have a software platform that can support to view information and purchase products in a more efficient way. To solve this problem, there launched the Apple Store. If you want to understand the full range of Apple's products, you may try to use this software to view.

5. Talking Tom Cat

If say the Angry Bird charmed by all the players and Fruit Ninja set off a wave of cutting wind, then the Tom Cat series has opened up another era of the electronic pet. After introduced the first Talking Tom Cat, we ushered in the Tom Cat 2, as well as Talking Dogs, a Love Letter from Tom and other entertainment versions. Take the first one as an example, it will repeat what you say in strange voice but high accuracy. If you once play the make on it, it will make a funny face and send a lovely voice. Of course, you can put him as your pet and feed it.

Ok, that's all about the helpful starter kit for iPad.

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