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Sync iTunes Purchased iTems to iPad mini with iCloud

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How Can We Re-download iTunes Purchased Files to iPad mini?


Have got an iPad mini in hand now? Want to re-download those iTunes files you've purchased on your other iOS devices to make a quick material filling for your iPad mini? If you are looking for a solution to fill iPad mini with iTunes purchased music, movies and TV shows, just go ahead to check if the solution here can do you a favor now! This article is here to show you how to re-download your iTunes purchased items to iPad mini with iCloud easily. Here we go.

Note: Because of the licensing restriction, some of your iTunes purchased music, movies and TV shows may not be able to be re-downloaded via iTunes in the Cloud in some area. So, before starting the following operations, please first check the chart of iTunes in the Cloud availability to ensure what kinds of purchased items can be re-downloaded in your country. If you are in Australia, Canada, U.K., or U.S., then you are free to get the once purchased iTunes items again to your iPad mini via iCloud.

Steps of How to Re-download iTunes Purchased Files to iPad mini with iCloud

To get iTunes items you've previously purchased on other devices to your iPad mini, iCloud and iTunes in the Cloud rightly makes things easy for you. Here is how.

First of all, to re-download iTunes purchased files to iPad mini, you should first start the iTunes app on your iPad mini.

Secondly, move your finger to the navigation menu at the bottom to tap on the "Purchased option". And then a list of all your iTunes purchased items will be brought up. To get the files you previously purchased on other iOS devices, you can simply tap on the "Not on This iPad" tab from the top to switch to the file list of all the files your iPad mini currently doesn't have.

select to get itunes purchased items to ipad mini

Thirdly, you can select to view the music, movies or TV shows from the purchased items list by choosing corresponding options from the "View" drop-down menu. Under each file mode, you can find your wanted items and then download them to your iPad mini directly by tapping the iCloud icon beside each file you want.

Finally, once there is a prompt popping up requires your iTunes password, just enter to let it re-download iTunes purchased files to your iPad mini now!

Well, as you can see from the operations above, it is quite easy a task for you to get iTunes purchased items to iPad mini. But this method can only help to fill your iPad mini with your previously purchased items on other devices via iTunes. Once you want to transfer your other collected files, such as the free books, movies, songs downloaded from websites, you may need to have a reference to the articlehow to transfer kinds of files from iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to iPad mini for a quick and all-around material filling.

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