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Copy iPad, iPhone and iPod Music/Movies/Books to iPad mini

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How to Transfer Files from iPad/iPhone/iPod to iPad mini?


Newly ordered an iPad mini and want to copy your previously iPad collected files to the 7.9-inch mini iPad? Here you will find a proper solution to transfer music, movies, books, playlists and many other files to create your iPad mini library easily from your old iPad or other iOS devices like iPhone or iPod touch. What you should note here is that this solution is more suitable for you to copy those hardly free downloaded or collected resources to iPad mini from other iOS device.

If you once only want to get some music, movies and TV shows which were purchased from iTunes on your iPad, iPhone or iPod to the iPad mini, then you can directly re-download iTunes purchased files to iPad mini with iCloud. Once you want to transfer many other kinds of files you have collected on your iOS devices, such as, books, images, podcasts, and more to your iPad mini, then please let iPad/iPhone/iPod touch to Computer Transfer tool do you a favor. It will help you much to copy and transfer your wanted files from any iOS device to iPad mini via a Windows PC.

Note: For Mac users, the software recommended below would be more helpful for you to achieve files transfer from iPad, iPhone, iPod to iPad mini via Mac PC.

Steps of How to Transfer Music/Movies/Books from iPad, iPhone and iPod to iPad mini

Written before start: Since the transfer process from an iPad, iPhone or iPod is almost the same with this all-around transfer tool, here I will only take the how to copy iPad music to iPad mini as an example to show you the detail operations. I hope you can understand. Ok, now let's get this professional transfer program on computer to start the process!

Step 1: Link iPad to the computer with a USB cable and start the downloaded transfer program on the computer. Then, the iPad library will be categorized in the left panel for you.

Step 2: Simply move your cursor to "Music" option to select the music files you wanna transfer to your iPad mini. And click on the "Export" button on the top to output your selected files to the computer local folder.

software helps to transfer files from ipad to to ipad mini

Tip: If you once want to transfer all your iPad music files to the newly got iPad mini, you can directly go to the File drop-down menu to select the "Export All Music" option to have a quick backup of all your music files to computer.

Step 3: Once you have exported all your target files into the local computer folder, you can then disconnect the iPad and link your iPad mini to the computer. After that, you can simply drag the exported files to your computer iTunes to sync them to iPad mini.

As a matter of fact, the only difficulty for you transfer files from iPad, iPhone or iPod to iPad mini is that how to copy files off the original iOS device. The iPad/iPhone/iPod Transfer program rightly gives you a hand to transfer files from your iOS device to computer. Once exported files out from an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, you are then free to copy these files to your iPad mini without any hassle.

So, once you fell in troubles to transfer files out of iOS device when you try to transfer from iPhone to iPad mini, fill iPad mini with iPod files or iPad contents, then why not let the professional iOS to Computer transfer do you a favor now!

Free Download iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer
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