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Mac ePub to Kindle Fire Conversion

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ePub to Kindle Fire Converter for Mac


For Kindle Fire users, ePub format is a problem because Kindle Fire doesn't support ePub format. However, there a lot of eBooks downloaded or purchased from online store are in ePub format. To read ePub books on Kindle Fire, you have to convert ePub to Kindle Fire supported format. Here, I will show Mac users a great ePub to Kindle Fire Converter for Mac.

The tool needed is Calibre, which is known for excellent conversion ability. You should know which eBook formats Kindle Fire supports: AZW, TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, Kindle Format 8, PRC natively, DOC, DOCX.

Mac ePub to Kindle Fire Conversion Tutorials

Download and install Calibre to your Mac. (Totally free) Download link:

Run Calibre. The first thing you'll need to do it enter your settings for Look & Feel.

epub to kindle fire converter for mac

Second is your Page Setup. This is where you select your device and set your page margins.

Third is Structure Detection which is where you enter your Table of Contents settings.

Once you have your settings in place it's time to prepare your file to convert to ePub or Kindle FIre format. Once your ePub is ready, add it to Calibre.

Then highlight the story and click the button Convert E-Books:

mac epub to kindle fire conversion

You'll get a box like this and this is where you'd add the author name, title, novel summary, book cover, and etc...

convert epub to kindle fire on mac

After this go to Look and Feel: This is where you can modify your Extra CSS or font size. Choose MOBI, PDF, or TXT as the output format. Once you hit OK Calibre will convert your ebook for you.

Extended Knowledge about Kindle Fire...

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