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How to Transfer Books from iPad to Kindle?


transfer books from ipad to kindleWith the development of science and technology, more and more electronic digital devices own the function of reading eBooks. eReaders are convenient, searchable for contents, easy to change font size and type. With large storage, users can download anytime, anywhere. eBooks are much cheaper than the traditional paper books.

The most fashionable Tablet computers have the ebook reading feature, of course. Take the popular iPad for an example, it is also a great eBook reader device. iPad's default iBooks reader has very good reading function. iBooks also allow users to download or buy eBooks. Furthermore, other 3-rd party apps also provides users with more choices, such as Kindle, which enables users to read Amazon eBooks on iPad.

For eBook fans, sometimes they might need to transfer books from iPad to Kindle, because they own both the devices. Then how to make full use of the purchased or downloaded books on iPad - Transferring iPad books to Kindle for reading, sharing.

Situation 1: Transfer Books from iPad to Kindle

If your books on iPad are downloaded from iBooks, you need to transfer iPad books to computer. Then convert them to MOBI format. And then sync the converted books to Kindle. You can follow the instructions as below:

Step 1: Free download iPad to PC Transfer or iPad to Mac Transfer software, install and run it. Link iPad to computer with Apple dock connector, then transfer books from iPad to computer with this software.

Step 2: Convert iPad books (.epub or .pdf) to Kindle supported format: MOBI. The tool needed is ePub to Kindle Converter software or an online site, click Convert ePub to Kindle to learn more.

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screenshot for converting epub to kindle mobi format

In this situation, the books are transferred from iPad, then computer, finally to Kindle. But please note, most books purchased or downloaded from iBooks are protected by DRM, if so, you are not allowed to transfer books from iPad to Kindle.

Situation 2: Read iPad Books on Kindle

If your iPad books are purchased from Amazon site with Kindle for iPad app, then you can simply sync them to Kindle device. This method require your iPad and Kindle using the same Amazon account. The method is:

Go to Amazon site, register with the account which is also used on Kindle for iPad. Go to your Account page, then on Manage Your Kindle page, scroll down to Your Orders section and select the books you want to transfer from iPad to Kindle.

Look for a button called "Deliver to", which is next to the title on the right side of the table. Click the button, then in the drop-down menu, select your Kindle as the device you will send the eBook to. Once selected, click the button GO. A couple seconds later, you will be able to transfer books from iPad to Kindle.

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