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Erase Text Messages/Contacts from Samsung Galaxy Note


Samsung Galaxy Note 2/3 and S2/3/4 is so popular in recent days. It not only bring unlimited apps to enrich people's daily life, but also improve lots of original functions on the mobile phones, such as texting messages, contact management and so on. Thus, if you like to text people in the daily life, then you must love to chat your friends with the improved text message functions. It is inevitable that you may talk about some important and private things with your friends on the text conversations and you also will delete these messages after the conversion to avoid viewing by any other people. But you really sure your messages have been deleted without any chance to restore?

Beside text messages, there is also lots of other important personal information on your Samsung phones, right? In order to protect the security of these data, sometimes you have to delete them from your device. For these deletion, one or two file could be a simple task and you can erase them one by one, but if you have hundreds of files like messages, contacts, etc. need to be deleted, are you still planning to delete them one by one? Obviously it is not a smart method and it is very troublesome to do that one by one, so you have to find a way to help you delete SMS messages and contacts from Samsung Galaxy Note at one time.

Then no matter what situations you are, what is the best way to erase data from Samsung mobile phones permanently? If you have tried to find a solution on the Google, Yahoo or other searching engine, then you may notice that there is also other articles teach you how to recover deleted text messages, contacts from Samsung Galaxy, right? Then you must have realized that the common deletion on your phone cannot wipe these data off your phone permanently. Therefore, you had better to ask help from a third-party program - Samsung Data Eraser software.

With the professional erasing software, you can delete any contact or text conversation from Galaxy Note thoroughly and permanently. And according to your own specific needs, you can decide to erase all data on your phone or only delete one or two type of file on Windows and Mac computer at your will.

The Samsung Data Eraser will be coming soon.

Tips to Delete Text Messages, Contacts from Samsung Galaxy Note

First of all, you need to install and launch the program on your computer, then plug your Samsung Galaxy Note 2/3 or Galaxy S 2/3/4 into your computer for recognizing with the erasing software.

Then, choose "SMS" and "Contacts" on the main interface and specify the erasing mode, and you can click "Erase All Data" to start the whole erasing process.

Attention: Before you click the "Erase All Data" button, please be sure that you've backed up the contents on your computer for security consideration.

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