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Instantly Download Driver Updates to Your Computer with Driver Updater/Downloader

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How to Update Your Drivers (Windows XP/Vista/7, etc.)?


Facing Such Problems?

The sounds of your PC cannot be heard? The printer doesn't work? Not able to connect the Bluetooth? You may encounter driver problems. Driver is the communication between hardware and your computer, when a certain driver is missing, outdated or goes back, its corresponding hardware may not work or don't work properly.

To troubleshoot driver problems, you need to refresh your drivers with the latest version, or you need to install the drivers onto computer if the driver hasn't been installed yet.

Two Ways to Download Driver Updates:

You can either download or install drivers by yourself or using 3-rd party driver download software.

Option 1: Download and Install Drivers Manually

If you are proficient in computer technology, you can download and install the driver updates manually. However, this may take you some time.

Firs of all, you need to find the driver you need. You can search the driver you need using search engines. But for safety reasons, I suggest you to download the drivers from the device manufacturer's site. To be noticed that you should download the driver updates that both compatible with your operating system and hardware models.

After you download the driver, click to open it. Then follow the documentation files that accompanied by the download file or go to the download page of the manufacturer and follow the download tutorial to install driver updates.

Option 2: Using Driver Downloader to Download Driver Updates

Manually download and install drivers can be time-consuming. For it can be difficult to find the right driver. Luckily, there are some 3-rd party driver download programs specially designed to update drivers. With such programs, you can greatly save your time and effort. And Driver Downloader is the top of driver download program in the industry.

Driver Downloader can scan your OS (Windows all) and hardware and find out which drivers need to update. With only one click, you can update all the drivers with the most correct and latest updates from the manufacturer's site.

It's easy to use and doesn't require you to know require special computer knowledge.

download driver updates with ease

Simple guide to update drivers with Driver Downloader:

Step 1: Download, install and run Driver Download on your computer;
Step 2: Click "Scan Now" to scan your missing, corrupted, outdated drivers;
Step 3: Then click "Next" to download all the drivers with the latest version.

(Tip: No matter you want to update your sound drivers, video drivers, Windows XP/Vista/7 drivers or other drivers, Driver Downloader can do it for you.)

It's Important to Keep Your Drivers Up to Date, Because...

Keep your drivers update to date can not only prevent your computer from driver conflicts but also can improve its performance and make your computer more stable, keeping it always runs at peak level. What's more, keeping your drivers update to date can make your computer more secure. So it's important to keep your drivers update to date. And Driver Downloader would be the best guard for you.

free download driver updater

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