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Free CHM to PDF Converter

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CHM to PDF Freeware


CHM file is a file with .chm extension; CHM is basically a container for HTML files, CHM stands for Microsoft Compiled HTML Help. Most software comes with help file at CHM format. If you want to print it or read it as normal pages, PDF shall be the most popular format.

The article is about how to convert CHM to PDF format free.

Free CHM to PDF Converter Online

No need to install any software onto computer, here I recommend an online CHM to PDF freeware, which can convert CHM to PDF free. Here we go.

Online CHM to PDF Converter address:

You can upload not larger than 10MB to PDF. Example: you need to convert a html help file (CHM) file into PDF. Use the "Browse" button to locate the source file on your local PC, select it, then click the "Convert" button. Done.

Free CHM to PDF Converter - CHM to PDF Converter

CHM to PDF Converter is another great way for us to achieve CHM to PDF conversion. Created with advanced technology, this application allows us to convert batch CHM files or extract specific chapters or sections from CHM to PDF document. You are allowed to personlize preference for output PDF such as page size, margins, page orientation, etc. In order to help you locate the corresponding chapter in the result PDF file, it will convert the CHM original hierarchy of the tree to bookmark.

This software offers a free trial version which allows user to convert CHM to PDF files for free in 20 times. If you want to free use this software forever, you have to purchase this smart program.

OK, let's see how it works for us. You may download this nice software to follow us.

Step 1. Install and run this software. You will see the simple interface. Just click "Add" button to find your target CHM files. All just drag all CHM files to the interface of the software. All loaded CHM files will be listed on its interface.

run free chm to pdf converter

Step 2. Click "Setting" button on the toolbar to make output settings. Here you are allowed to choose page range for conversion, set page size, output quality, etc. Press the "Apply" to keep all settings. If you want to change output direction, just go to "Browser" to define a new folder for output PDF.

make output settings for converting chm to pdf free

Step 3. If you have got all things done, please click "Start" to start CHM to PDF conversion.

After conversion, you will find that all contents of CHM files, will be kept well, font style, font size and font color. You may try this free CHM to PDF Converter to have a try now.

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