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Free PDF to Digital Magazine Software for Better Publishing

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Digital Magazine Software for Creating an E-magazine


"Hey, guys. I'm looking to launch an online magazine. I have all the content saved in a PDF document. But I am looking at getting it into the e-magazine, so that it can be read online with better effect. Does anyone have any experience of doing this? Does anyone know which are the best free/cheap software programs to use?"

Want to launch an online magazine with your PDF document so that it can be read online easily by yourself? Want to create and publish a digital magazine to let your friends or users know your recent situations more conveniently via viewing the flipping e-magazine? Or trying to make a flipping e-magazine just on a whim? No matter for what reason you want to create a digital magazine, the free digital magazine software to be introduced here in the coming up paragraphs would be your good assistant to get your task. Just go ahead for a detail check now!

Free Digital Magazine Creator and Publisher Online


This is a social network publishing platform. Here, you can manage and announced your published document methodically. You only need a simple upload of your own publications. Then, after a series of complicated processes in the background, this online service can easily create a very fine digital books or electronic magazine for you in the end. Currently, Issue mainly supports to create digital magazines/books from a PDF document.

This is a helpful digital magazine software online which can not only help to convert your uploaded PDF files into electronic magazine, but also help to embed the e-magazine into the webpage. You can choose to send the generated electronic magazine to your mailbox, or directly shared it on the Issuu website to share with other users. In fact, this kind of digital magazine software services have been provided on other websites very early, but Issuu provides a much richer magazine styles and relatively quicker page flipping speed. So, it is highly recommended for a try if you want to creat and publish digital magazines.

pdf to digital magazine software

Note: You will be asked to enter a title and description for the file you uploaded. Besides, you will also be required to enter an email address to receive the document when it is ready.


If you once only want to create electronic magazine for funny personal reading, then you are suggested to use this online service. This online tool can help you to convert PDF into a flash file which is similar to an electronic magazine. The generated flash magazine can be downloaded directly to a computer for leisure view. If you want to share it online, an HTML file of the generated digital magazine is also provided to give you convenience. Using this free digital magazine software online, all you need to do is just Attach a File (< 10MB), adjust possible settings, start conversion and then download the zip package of the generated files.

free digital magazine maker online

Note: This online service does not require your email address. It directly provides a download link of the converted flash files for you to get the digital files.


This free digital magazine software not only allows you to create a fantastic flipping page e-magazine from local, but also enables you to make trendy flash magazine directly from PDF files shared over the Internet. Using this online service, you can choose to publish your newly converted flash page flip magazine on aXmag Demo Gallery or not. Once the conversion is finished, you can choose to view the created digital magazine directly or get the publication URL or send out it with a created account.

online digital magazine creator

Note: This online service can also only accept the PDF file which is less than 10MB.

Well, no matter which Digital Magazine Maker software you prefer to make use of, hope you can create a fantastic flipping page digital magazine to make reading more lively and interesting!

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