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Free Way to Rescue Damaged PDF Documents on Mac/Windows

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Is It Possible Repair PDF on Mac/Windows?


"I have already have Adobe PDF Reader installed on my computer, but recently I found that I cannot open one important PDF document. No matter how many times I try, a windows comes with message "File is corrupt or damaged". I cannot believe it because this PDF document is critically important. Is there any way can save my PDF back? Thanks a lot!!" --- Susan

Actually, PDF file document may get corrupted due to various physical and logical reasons, including software or hardware failures, virus attacks, storage media corruption, server corruption and even sudden system shutdown. If you are unlucky to suffering this disaster, please calm yourself down. There are many possibility to salvage damaged PDF files perfectly. This page will introduce you tips and tricks on how to repair PDF on Mac/Windows. If you are facing this frustrated problem, please read this problem carefully.

Detailed Guide on How to Repair Damaged PDF Document on Mac/Windows

Method 1. Free Repair Corrupted PDF Online

There are some online freeware which enables you to restore damaged PDF files. PDFaid is such a great free online application. It is able to repair corrupted or damaged PDF document perfectly. It is very easy to use.

Step 1. You use only turn to, and click "Browse" to load your corrupted PDF files to it.

Step 2. This software allows you to set properties for export PDF files, including title, author, subject and keywords.

Step 3. Just click "Repair PDF" icon to let the online software repair PDF on Mac/Windows. When the process is done, a download link will offered for you to downloaded repaired PDF document.

Method 2. Salvage Corrupted PDF with Desktop Utility

File Repair is a free desktop application which bear the capability to repair corrupted Word, Excel, Zip&RAR, video, image, PDF, Access database, PowerPoint and audio files. Its navigate interface helps people to find proper operation easily. Essentially what the program does is scan files on your PC that are in some way damaged and creates a new, usable file where it can extract as much of the recovered data as possible. Since this software is only for Windows user. Mac user have to use the free online software to go through the job.

Step 1. Free download and Install this software to your computer.

Step 2. Let this software scan all your computer. It will detect all files that need to repair on your computer.

Step 3. Choose the PDF files you need to repair and let the software recover corrupted PDF for you by clicking "Start Repair".

start repair adobe pdf files on windows

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