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Free Way to Convert HTML to CHM


Often, online help documents are created in CHM format. Document of this format can contain contain some HTML code and often include hyperlinks to websites. Also, it will created with tree-type table of contents and keyword index which enables us to locate specific contents of parts of the document easily. Generally speaking, we need to face and deal with CHM document frequently. It is needed to learn some tips and trick of CHM files.

We have learned how to convert CHM to EPUB, how to convert CHM to HTML, how to convert CHM to PDF, etc. This page will talk about another topic - convert HTML to CHM. We know that many reader are looking for economic and practical way to get job done. So we offer a free way to transfer HTML files to CHM.

If you are troubled by this problem, please refer to this page freely. We hope it is helpful to you.

How to Transfer HTML to CHM Free?

It is a tuff task if we don't ask help from freeware. Here, Abee CHM Maker is highly recommended here. It is a free application of making CHM files. You may use it to store multiple HTML pages in one file. It will create CHM content with index so you can search and navigate more conveniently and quickly.

First of all, you may download this software through The installation is very simple.

Just load HTML files to this software. You may click "File > Add file/Add folder" to browse your target HTMl pages or click "Add file / Add folder" on the left panel to add HTML pages from your local disk. Or simply just drag the target HTML to the interface of the software. All loaded webpages will be listed on the interface of the software. You can edit it by creating index.

run html to chm converter freeware

Once you have finished all settings, just click "Make..." icon to start the process. There will be a windows showing you the status of converting HTML to CHM.

start to convert html to chm

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