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Convert Help File .chm to HTML format

Why do We Need to Convert CHM to HTML?

Sometimes we get some eBooks or documents in CHM format. We can read them on a computer and share them with our colleagues and friends. But it's not so convenient. If you want to share them in an easy and quick way, you need to convert CHM to HTML and upload them to online website or intranet.

For instance, there is a manual in CHM format that you want to share it with your staffs, it is so troublesome to send it separately, however if you convert this CHM manual to HTML format and upload on your intranet, then your staffs can read and learn it immediately and comfortably.

How to Convert CHM to HTML Format?

Free download, install and launch iStonsoft CHM to HTML Converter. Then import the CHM files or folder by clicking the button of "Add File" or "Add Folder". You are allowed to directly drag and drop the CHM files to the software window. Batch conversion is supported. Once files are loaded, the file info will appear in the window, including File Name, Size, Output Type, Output Name, Status. To remove what you don't need, click Delete or Clear All button.

load files

In Output Folder area, you can customize the output folder by clicking the "Browse" button.

The last step is to click "Start" button to kick off the CHM to HTML conversion. The Status bar will show you the conversion progress. During the conversion, you can click the Stop button to determinate the conversion.

By the way, if you don't want to convert all imported files at a time, you can right click on one specific file and choose Convert Selected item.


After converting, you can check the result by click the Open button. And the converted HTML files can be uploaded or shared onto the Internet like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Very easy, isn't it? So why are waiting? Go ahead to free download the powerful CHM to HTML Converter to finish the conversion easily!

free download windows version

Extended knowledge: What is CHM Format?

CHM means Microsoft Compiled HTML Help, which is a proprietary online help format of Microsoft. It is a suit of technologies for delivering assistance and Web contents using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). CHM is a proprietary for help files, and also it is a very popular eBook file format on the Internet. You can read CHM files directly in Microsoft Windows. CHM is so little and with formidable search function that it becomes welcome increasingly and more and more users start to realize and use it.

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