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Solutions of iPad Connection to TV

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How to Connect iPad to TV?


You must have been impressed by Apple iPad for its several fantastic features, right? No matter you are impressed by its big and clear screen, its fabulous design, or its strong processing capacity, you have to admit that this little gadget brings many handy amusements to colorful your digital life. With this device, you can watch movies at any time or place, play kinds of funny games, and enjoy many other entertainments freely.

Once you have the experience of watching movies on your iPad, then you must have a deep impression on its excellent picture quality and sound effect. Actually, the video or game playback on iPad cannot fully demonstrate its powerful processing ability. If you want to experience the full processing capabilities of an iPad, especially the new one, it is necessary to display the image/video to a larger screen, such as connect iPad to TV for a brand new experience.

This article is all about how to connect iPad to TV to watch movies at home with leisure. If you are interested in this issue, then just keep on reading to learn the details now!

Note: If you are more interested in watching movies on your iPad on the way, then you can just try to convert DVD to the new iPad or download some videos to iPad from the Internet so as to get more movies on your iPad for leisure time enjoyment.

Solutions of Connecting iPad to TV to Watch Movies

Solution 1: Connect iPad to TV with HDMI Cord

Apple enables you a helpful solution to display the files playing on your iPad screen onto your TV set at home. That's the Apple Digital AV Adapter sold on the Apple Store. It is coming with a HDMI cable via which you can connect an iPad to a TV set for leisurely enjoyment of your iPad stored videos after you get video mirroring. All what you need to do is just correctly connect the HDMI cord to your iPad and TV.

connecting ipad to tv to watch movies

Solution 2: Connect iPad to TV with Composite cables

Another way you can try to connect your iPad to TV for better video enjoyment is that using composite cables. Via this way, you can only watch movies via apps like YouTube and Netflix which support video out. Of course, this solution is less recommended than the above one since its output quality of playing videos on TV is not so well as the former solution.

Solution 3: iPad Connection to TV with AirPlay

This is a wireless solution for users who don't want to be puzzled about the cables for connection. The premise of using this way is that you should have an Apple TV. With an Apple TV, you only need to connect your iPad to it via AirPlay. And then you can select to stream your target video contents to enjoy on your TV with leisure.

Ok, that's all about the way you can take to connect iPad to TV. Hope you can enjoy!