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Export iPhone Files to External/USB Drive for Backup on Mac/Windows

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How to Back up iPhone to External Hard Drive on Mac/Windows?


I'm sure there must be tons of files on your iPhone device. There are many possibilities that we may lose important data stored on iPhone. It is necessary for us to make iPhone data backup copies. Although Apple has released iCloud service to help people to store important iPhone stuff, I'm afraid not all data of your iPhone is available with iCloud. Because iCloud only supports media files downloaded or purchased from iTunes App Store. Thus, many people want to seek alternative ways to back up files of iPhone.

We have talked about how to Transfer Video from iPhone to PC, Copy Photos from iPhone to PC, Transfer iPhone to New Computer, etc. This article will focus on the problem of how to back up iPhone to external drive on Mac/Windows. If this is your case, please refer to this article with ease.

Although iTunes disables us to get any data out of iPhone, by no means we can not extract data out of iPhone. There is a kind of program called iPhone to Mac Transfer / iPhone to Computer Transfer. This software can export all important data from iPhone such as photo, video, music, book, playlist, audio book, podcast, etc.

download for macdownload for windows

Tutorial: How to Save iPhone Files to External Drive on Mac/Windows

Step 1. Before we start, you need to free download and install proper version of this software on your computer. Plug your iPhone with Mac/Windows computer and run this iPhone to external drive transfer for Mac/Windows. This software will detect and list your iPhone device for you.

Step 2. This software will list all files of your iPhone such as music, movies, TV shows, books, ringtone, camera roll, podcast, etc. from the left panel of the software. Please go to proper folder to find target files you need to backup.

For Mac:

easy way to backup iphone with a new mac

For Windows:

steps of how to copy photos from iphone to pc - choose photos

Step 3. Once you have get every thing done, please click the "Export" button to start backup iPhone to Mac/Windows.

Step 4. Just a few minutes later, all checked iPhone files will be exported in source folder by default. Just find these files and connect your external hard drive with Mac/Windows. Directly copy and paste the whole source folder on your external hard drive.

download for macdownload for windows

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