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Converting Kindle Books to Adobe PDF

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How to Convert Kindle eBooks to PDF?


Amazon Kindle is a popular eReader and it supports multiple eBook formats in the daily life, such as .azw, .prc, .mobi, .tpz and so on. But one of the most disappointment is the Kindle books can't be read on other popular devices like Sony Reader, iRiver, etc., so that it is difficult for Kindle users to share their eBooks with friends.

Why We Need to Convert Amazon Kindle Format to PDF?

As we all know that, PDF and ePub format is the most commonly eBook format on the Internet. And they are also supported by almost all eReaders. Therefore, the benefits of converting Kindle books to Adobe PDF are summarized as follows:

- A wide variety of PDF readers, PDF editors, PDF converters are available for PDF document.
- Almost all eReaders has built-in apps to support PDF files by default.
- PDF is the most widely used file format in different areas, including business, education, sport, etc. for sharing, uploading and downloading.

With these reasons, it is necessary for us to export Kindle eBooks to PDF for better sharing. After converting, even if you don't have an Amazon Kindle Reader, you'll never miss any excellent Kindle eBooks at all. Now, let's us to see the detailed steps for converting Amazon Kindle books to PDF together.

By the way, if you want to get better reading experience, or you don't want to read Kindle books on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, etc. with a third-party application, you can convert Kindle books to ePub.


mobi to epub conversionMOBI to ePub Converter

Helpful tool for converting MOBI or PRC files to ePub for reading!

* Convert MOBI or PRC files to ePub format with high accuracy.
* 100% retain original layouts, text, hyperlinks, tables, etc. in the output files.
* Simple and precise interface design makes you to finish the conversion quickly.
* Fast conversion speed. (Go to MOBI to ePub Converter Mac)


Tutorials on Extracting Adobe PDF from Kindle

Calibre is a professional file converting and managing tool. It supports the conversion of many input formats to multiple output formats. And it compatible with all kinds of system operations, including Windows, OS X and Linux. So we can say that this tool is one of the most welcomed tool among eBook lovers. The following is its user guide for your reference.

Step 1. Download Calibre and launch it according to your own system. Then you'll see a big "Add books" icon in the upper toolbar. You can press it and then search, load your Kindle books into the program.

add kindle books to calibre for converting

Step 2. After loading books, just click "Convert books", then a eBook converting window will pop up. In this window, you can set the input format and output format as "PDF" respectively. Then hit "OK" to finish the conversion.

customize settings

The whole conversion is quite easy. What's you only to do is just load files and choose output format, then all things will be done within a few seconds. Now, you must have a clear mind about how to extract Adobe PDF from Kindle, right? If you think this method is useful, you can try it by yourself immediately. Or you can go to our eBook Center to get more useful tips & tricks about all kinds of eBooks.

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