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iDump Similar Software to Transfer iDevice to PC

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iDump Alternative for Mac/Windows


iDump is the industry leading free application used to transfer music from iPod to PC. This application is favored mostly by people who hate being hampered by iTunes' music transfer restrictions. It provides you with a refreshing alternative for exporting your iPod's media to PC. But functions are quite limited and it has no version for Mac user. Many people don't want to use it and want to find an iDump alternative for Mac/Windows which is much better than iDump.

Here is our recommendation: iPad/iPhone/iPod to Mac Transfer or iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer is the perfect alternative of iDump for Mac/Windows user. It breaks iTunes' music transfer restrictions so you have the ability to export data from iPod to any computer.

What iDump Alternative on Mac/Windows Excels?

* Music is not only the media files supported by this software. It supports transferring book, video, playlist, voice memo, audio book, camera roll, photo, podcast, etc. from your iDevice.

* Besides iPod, it is able to extract media files from iPhone and iPod. So you can share various media files among iPhone, iPod and iPad. E.g. transfer iPhone photo to iPad, transfer iPad video to iPod, etc.

* Support all generations of iPod, iPhone and iPad including iPod nano, iPod touch, iPod classic, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, and etc.

download for macdownload for windows

Use Alternative of iDump for Mac/Windows to Transfer Files from iDevice to Mac/Windows

Step 1. Connect iPad/iPhone/iPod with Computer and Run this software

Download and install proper version of this software to your Mac/Windows computer. Link your iPad/iPhone/iPod with computer with USB cable and run this software. As long as you run this application, it will detect your device and show you all detailed information of your iDevice like type, capacity, version serial number.

Step 2. Choose Target Media Files

On the left panel of this software, you can see all media files of your iPad/iPhone/iPod. All these resource classified by category. Please go to proper category. to find the target files you need to copy from iDevice. For example, if you want to transfer songs to PC, please click "Music" to check all songs you need.

Mac Version

use sharepod for mac to export ipad ipod iphone files to pc

Windows Version

share ipad iphone files with sharepod alternatives

Step 3. Start Transferring

Once you have got everything ready, just click "Export" icon to start to transfer media files from iPad/iPhone/iPod to computer with iDump alternative for Mac/Windows.

download for macdownload for windows

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