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iPad/iPhone/iPod Recovery

Fail to find an effective way to recover your lost files from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? That's could be an easy task. Here is a resource center which aims to help both Windows and Mac users to find back photos, videos, contacts, SMSes, calendar, notes, call history and more when they accidentally delete them or just lost your iDevice.

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Feature Articles

  • Recover iPhone Contacts

    Reset your iPhone and want to find back the contacts from your iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS? Just read this guide to get the answer.

  • youtube audio

    Recover Photos from iPhone 5/4S/4

    "Can I recover deleted photos from iPhone?" The answer is absolutely "YES". Follow the guide to find back lost phones from iPhone easily.

All Articles

Lost all your iPad recorded voice memos after updating to iOS 6? Don't worry. If you've once backed up your iPad tablet to computer with iTunes before the update, you can go through this article to see how to recover lost voice memos for iPad.

Want to regain the Safari bookmarks that deleted from your iPad tablet? Here is the very guide to tell you how to easily extract and recover Safari bookmarks for iPad 2, iPad mini and other iPad models from an iTunes backup file.

Do you know how to retrieve contacts inadvertently deleted/lost from your iPad? Here we are going to explain a simple method for you to recover iPad contacts if you once suffered from the contact loss on your new iPad or iPad mini.

How do you get back your deleted files on iPad? Once you are trying to regain your iPad accidentally deleted text messages, reminders, calendar records, or whatever, you may be interested in this how to recover deleted iPad tutorial.

Get in trouble with iPod touch deleted photo recovery? This article guides you to undelete your iPod touch once saved photos easily and quickly.

Lost the notes of the important lists and information on your iPod touch? Take it easy! The detail solution of how to recover iPod touch notes from backup is introduced here for your reference.

Want to print out your iPhone text messages and save it permanently? Here is a solution for your reference. Just read this article to get the detailed steps.

To avoid your personal info is stolen by others, sometimes you may need to erase your iPhone data completely. Just read this article to learn the detailed steps to reach the goal.

Want to erase your iPhone text messages permanently? Here is a solution for your reference. Follow the instructions on this article, you'll have the ability to wipe messages from iPhone with zero restoring possibility.

Leaking iPhone contacts will result in lots of unnecessary troubles, so erasing iPhone contacts before selling, donating, etc. your old iPhone seems so important for privacy security. Read this article to learn the detailed steps.