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iStonsoft PDF Encryption for Mac

iStonsoft PDF Encryption for Mac

Simple Way to Apply Password Protection to Adobe PDF Files!

There are many times that we want to protect privacy or copyright when we create document in PDF format. Here, iStonsoft PDF Encryption for Mac helps us a lot.

  • Enable the restriction of opening PDF via setting User Password to PDF.
  • Set PDF with Owner Password to prevent the file from printing, editing, coping, and changing.
  • 3 encryption modes to protect your document well.

Supported OS:

"I've tried many applications before I found this one. It is the super star in the similar software, I must say. It is able to set security to my PDF than normal software."

- Reviewed by Olivia

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"I want to set copyright protection for my PDF document except printing. This software satisfies me a lot. Thanks a lot! Hope you make nice app continuously." - Tettyond

"3 levels for encryption, batch set password, more personalized options to protect privacy of PDF and so on. It is the most outstanding application I've used." - Sharon

Why Choose It?

PDF is widely used in many fields due to its excellent features. When we send a confidential PDF document to others, to ensure the privacy is very important. iStonsoft PDF Encryption for Mac is what we need here.

With advanced encryption techniques, it is able to set user password and owner password on any PDF document. To meet your needs thoroughly, it offers three levels of encryption for you: 40 bit RC4, 128 bit RC4 and 128 bit AES to secure your PDF document perfectly.

protect pdf under password

Prevent Your Confidential PDF from Access without Authorization

It is a professional program to set encryption for any PDF document you don't want any other people to access or reuse it. User Password and Owner Password are supported by this software. To guarantee the security, it will remind you to set different passcodes in User password and Owner Password.

User Password - If a PDF document is under User Password protection, you cannot open it without correct password.

Owner Password - Owner Password is needed when you don't want to other people reuse any contents of the PDF document. No matter readers want to print, copy or edit the PDF document, he/she must enter the proper password.

Hierarchical Encryption Modules

 There are three security levels for encrypting your PDF document: 40 bit RC4, 128 bit RC4 and 128 bit AES. They are created with different encryption algorithm. The higher level you adopt, the safer is your PDF file.

 40 bit RC4 is available for Acrobat 4.X/5.X or above. It is the common mode to keep your document security away from printing, copying or editing.

 128 bit RC4 supports Acrobat 5.X or above. It is a higher mode compared with the first one mode. It makes your PDF much safer.

 128 bit AES is ready for 7.X or above. It supersedes all models above.

support multiple password level

permit any action you need

Refining and Exact Options for PDF Security

 It enables you to protect PDF from being printed, copied, modified or annotation added selectively and individually when in common 40 bit RC4 mode.

 You are allowed to export low resolution or high resolution document with permitting content copying/content copying accessibility, content printing, form filling, content modifying, annotation adding or assemble documents optionally.

More Excellent Features

 It provides regular console interfaces a command line application. It is so simple-to-use that everyone new to this software will understand its operation quickly.

 User can download free evaluation version of this software to have a try.

 It is 100% clean and safe and it does not install any other plug-ins.

 Your personal information is secure with us.

easy to use


screenshot of pdf encryption mac

load pdf to software

encrypt pdf on mac

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