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Different Resolutions to Recover Command Shift Deleted Files from Windows/Mac

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Can We Recover Shift Deleted Files on Windows/Mac?


First of all, we have to divide this question into two parts - on Windows computer and on Mac computer. Because shift deleting a files has different meanings for Mac-based computer and Windws-based computer. This page tell you how to resolve this problem in different platform. Please go to proper tutorial according to your need.

Part 1. How to Recover Shift Deleted Files on Windows

Part 2. How to Restore Command + Shift + Deleted Files on Mac

Tips on Undelete Shift Deleted Files on Windows and Mac

Part 1. Retrieve Shift Deleted Files on Windows

On Windows computer, we would like to deleted a unwanted file by click "Delete" button. Then the file will be moved to your recycle bin so that you can get it back if you find it is still useful later. While when you press Shift + Delete button at the same time to erase a unnecessary file, it has been wiped off from your computer directly. We cannot find it anymore on Windows. Thus, we have to check the file carefully before we press Shift + Deleted to deleted unwanted files.

But it is not the end of the story if still want to recover shift deleted data. There is still a possibility for us to get deleted files back if we have a Data Recovery. This software is able to help you get all lost data back.

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Step 1. Run this software if you have installed it in your computer. Just chooses the recovery mode as you like. If this is the first time for you to use this Shift Deleted File Recovery, we highly recommend you to try the Wizard mode.

run shift deleted files recovery

Step 2. You need to tell the software what data you need to recover. Then locate the folder where you have stored the data. After that, this recovery will scan the disk for you to find your deleted data.

choose the type you need to recover

Step 3. When the software shows you the scanning result, you may check files one by one to pick up deleted files you most wanted. Then hit "Recover" to start recovering shift deleted files on Windows computer at once.

This software is also helpful to recover CF Card, Unformat A Hard Drive, Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive, Recover Formatted Photos, Pictures and more. Try it now!

Part 2. Salvage Command + Shift + Delete Files on Mac

On Mac, we would like to use keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse to do something. Pressing Command + Delete means to delete files into the Trash. But if we hit Command + Shift + Delete, the Trash has been empted. That means all files on Trash are erased from your Mac computer. Usually, we advise user to check the Trash carefully before then empty it for fear of deleting important data accidentally.

But it doesn't mean that we can do nothing when we lose important data due to Command + Shift + delete order. Mac Data Recovery helps us a lot. All deleted video, photo, Archives, documents and more can be got back by this software.

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Step 1. Free download and install it to your Mac. As soon as you run it, you can see five different recovery mode for you. If you run this software on your computer for the first time, you may choose "All" recovery mode as the description.

run mac shift deleted recovery software

Step 2. Chose the disk of your Mac and let the software to scan it for you by pressing "Scan".

Step 3. Choose lost data you most wanted and hit "Recover" to restore all of them completely.

start to recover lost files of mac os x mountain lion

OK, we have done all job. This software is also helpful for you to Recover Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Recover MacBook Data, Recover iMovie Archives and more. You may free download it to have a try.

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